you resource for all things shoegaze & dream pop.

you resource for all things shoegaze & dream pop.

03 May 2016

Bandcamp Track of the Day: Matt Bartram || Break It.

“Break It” is taken from Matt Bartram's gorgeous 4th solo album, Moments Before, which was released earlier this year via Drifting Falling. Bartram is probably best known for his bands Air Formation and You Walk Through Walls. Additionally, he writes and records as a solo musician and has released three previous LPs - Arundel (2008), Left To Memory (2009), and The Dreaming Invisible (2011). Bartram is one of the most creative and esteemed songwriters of the second wave of shoegazing, and we highly recommend his work. 

Click here to read an interview we conducted with Matt in 2012.

02 May 2016

WTSH #23 on DKFM is now available to stream via Mixcloud + set list.

WTSH 23 | DKFM Shoegaze Radio | Aired April 27

The Stargazer Lilies – When With You. Single (2016)
Astrobrite – Overdriver. Crush (2001)
Tape Deck Mountain – True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston cover). Is & Always Will Be Daniel Johnston’s Delay Pedal 7” (2016)
Lowtide – Blue Movie. Lowtide (2014)
The Raveonettes – She Owns The Streets. Observator (2012)
Wray – Pined. Hypatia (2016)
Astral – Forbidden Kiss. Orchids (2003)
Cemeteries – Nightjar. Barrow (2015)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Evergreen. Methodrone (1995)
Minor Victories – Folk Arp. Single (2016)
Slowdive – Blue Skied An’ Clear. Pygmalion (1995)

01 May 2016

New Video: Bloody Knives || Poison Halo.

"Poison Halo" is taken from this Austin-based trio's recently released third LP, I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This, available now via Saint Marie Records.

Read our review of Bloody Knives' LP, I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This here, written by Ellie Sleeper.

24 April 2016

WTSH 22 on DKFM is now available to stream via Mixcloud + set list.

WTSH # 22 || DKFM Shoegaze Radio

Aired April 20, 2016

Troller – Graphic. Graphic (2016)
Black Canary – Old World. EP I (2016)
Chapterhouse – Autosleeper. Whirlpool (1991)
Still Corners – Horses at Night. Single (2015)
My Bloody Valentine – Slow. You Made Me Realise EP (1988)
Brief Candles – Provisions. Single (2016)
Nothing – ACD (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder). Tired of Tomorrow (2016)
Iris – Ragdoll. Haunt Me 10” (2015)
Marriages – Contender. Salome (2015)
September Girls – Catholic Guilt. Age of Indignation (2016)
Whispering Sons – Shadow. Endless Party EP (2015)
Lycia – A Brief Glimpse. Ionia (1991)

22 April 2016

New Single: Psychic Ills X Hope Sandoval || I Don't Mind.

"I Don't Mind" will be the third track on Psychic Ills' forthcoming full-length album Inner Journey Out, due on June 3rd from Sacred Bones Records. The project's last album, One Track Mind, received this review on The Active Listener. We learned about the new single from the redoubtable Fuzzy Logic.

21 April 2016

New Video: Everything Fades || Here's To A New Tomorrow.

Everything Fades is the Austin-based trio of Kevin Flack, Daniel Owens and Marcus Pina. "Here's To A New Tomorrow" is taken from the band's newly released double EP, Here's To A New Tomorrow/Moving Mountains, which came out on April 18 via Geertruida. The double EP offers up a promising set of psych-tinged tracks that dwell somewhere between light and shadow in the realm of shoegaze. The release is physically available on cassette tape, which you can purchase here. You can stream and purchase both EPs digitally on the Everything Fades Bandcamp page.

20 April 2016

New Single & Video: The Stargazer Lilies || When With You.

 "When With You" will appear on the Northeast Pennsylvania trio's upcoming second full-length album, Door to the Sun, due out from Graveface Records on June 3, 2016. The band's first album, We Are The Dreamersa texturally intense, emotionally potent philter of ultra concentrated shoegaze—was one of the key releases of 2013. The Stargazer Lilies took form when monster guitarscapist John Cep and bassist/vocalist Kim Field emerged from New York discogaze project Soundpool to initiate a separate endeavor. Drummer Tammy Hirata, who joined the project last summer, first crossed our radar by way of her past involvement with Los Angeles quintet Blood Candy. A free download of "When With You" is available here, and a passel of summer tour dates can be found here.

New Video: Living Hour || Seagull.

Winnipeg dream poppers Living Hour have just released a new video for "Seagull", which appears on the band's self-titled debut LP released earlier this year. This album is easily and already one of our favorite' of 2016. We highly recommend that you check out Living Hour here if you are a lover of all things dreamy.

New Video: Wray || Pined.

"Pined" is taken from this Birmingham-based trio's most recent LP, Hypatia, which was released earlier this year.  Hypatia is a gorgeous effort by Wray and the new video for "Pined" perfectly accents the dark, dreamy dirge that it accompanies.

06 April 2016

TONIGHT! WTSH on DKFM Shoegaze Radio. Stream it live @ 10pm EST.


Stream it live
10pm EST / 9pm CST

Bandcamp Track of the Day: FVNERALS || Solemn.

FVNERALS is a Glasgow-based three piece that makes hauntingly beautiful shoegaze of the darkest variety. We somehow missed The Path EP (it came out last summer) but we won't make that mistake again. This is brilliant.

20 March 2016

New Video: The Backhomes || Solid Gold.

Montreal duo The Backhomes has just released a new video for "Solid Gold", a track that appears on the band's fantastic 2015 full length release Tidalwave. The video features a mix of hand drawn animation, found footage and psychedelic video feedback, all viewed through the lens of night vision goggles. Good stuff!

Airiel Releases New Single || Cloudburst.

“Cloudburst” is the first single from Airiel’s highly anticipated and forthcoming LP Molten Young Lovers. The Chicago-based group hasn’t released an LP since 2007’s Battle of Sealand, and I can confirm that, being one of them, long-time Airiel fans are collectively rejoicing and enthusiastically anticipating its release via Shelflife Records. We don’t have a firm release date yet, but will announce it as soon as we know. In the meantime, you can stream the new single via Soundcloud and/or purchase it for a mere $2 via Shelflife. The single also includes an excellent remix of “Cloudburst” done by Navigateur. The track is brilliant (and the production is masterful) – we can’t wait to hear the rest of the LP.

WTSH #18 on DKFM is now available to stream via Mixcloud + set list.

WTSH #18 | DKFM Shoegaze Radio 
Aired March 16, 2016

Vale – Horse. Distortion Hymns (2016)
The KVB – Awake. Of Desire (2016)
SISU – Sinking Feeling. Blood Tears (2013)
We Miss The Earth – Careened. Single (2013)
Skywave – Knife. Synthstatic (2004)
Bloody Knives – Poison Halo. I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This (2016)
Glifted – The Ground. Under and In (2002)
Cold Showers – Only Human. Matter of Choice (2015)
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Something’s Wrong. Psychocandy (1985)
Single Lash – False. Single Lash (2015)
Leave The Planet – Forever. Nowhere EP (2016)
The Veils – Unparalleled. (unreleased, 1993)
 The Comsat Angels – Sleep No More. Sleep No More (1981)

12 March 2016

WTSH Bandcamp Track of the Day: vale || horse.

If you like your shoegaze dark and heavy, this is for you. Vale sound like they crawled up from the bowels of the earth to rock your face off. Replete with unnerving beats and brutal loops, this is not shoegaze-by-numbers. If forced to define it, we'd call it industrial shoegaze - but who needs definitions? It's completely awesome and incredibly refreshing to hear new shoegaze that is off the beaten path. Vale's debut LP, distortion hymns, was released in February, and you can stream it (and buy it. BUY IT!) in its entirety on Bandcamp

The mastermind behind the project is none other than Scott Cortez, also of Astrobrite and Loveliescrushing. Scott always brings the noise, and this time he's truly outdone himself.