10 September 2014

TONIGHT! WTSH on Strangeways Radio. Stream live 10pm EDT.

TONIGHT! WTSH on Strangeways Radio
I've got brand new, unreleased tracks to air from 800beloved & Screen Vinyl Image, as well as music by Blouse, Slowdive, Dum Dum Girls, Ride, Skeleton Hands, The JAMC, The Comsat Angels + MORE!

Stream live 10pm EDT

Stream 2 New Tracks from Bloody Knives & Screen Vinyl Image || Split LP.

We recently announced that two of WTSH's favorite bands, Screen Vinyl Image and Bloody Knives, will be releasing a split LP in October 2014. The split will be a limited edition cassette-only release, of which 300 will be made before they're gone forever. The cassette will be available for purchase via Accidental Guest Recordings.

Accidental Guest is now streaming a song from each band on Soundcloud, 
which you can stream and obsess over right now.

Bandcamp Track of the Day: Own Boo || Edie.

“Edie” is the lead track from this Italian quintet’s new, 
self-titled debut EP which you can check out here.