21 October 2014

WTSH Top 5 Records of the Week feat. Night School, Haunted Hearts, Cold Beat + more.

Amber’s Top 5 Records of the Week

Haunted Hearts || Initiation (2014)

Yohuna || Revery (2011)

Brief Candles || Fractured Days (2011) 

Kindest Lines || Covered in Dust (2011)

The Raveonettes || Pe’ahi (2014)

Dan’s Top 5 Records of the Week

Cold Beat || Over Me (2014)

WL || Hold (2014)

Coves || Soft Friday (2014)

Schonwald || Dream For The Fall (2014)
Night School || Heart Beat EP (2014)

Screen Vinyl Image and Bloody Knives Split LP to be released in 5 days! October 26, 2014.

Screen Vinyl Image and Bloody Knives will be releasing their split LP in 5 short days - October 26, 2014. Don't miss out on this! The split will be a limited edition cassette-only release, of which 300 will be made before they're gone forever. The cassette will be available for purchase via Accidental Guest Recordings.

Soundcloud Track of the Day: Blood Candy || Heart Attack.

Formed in March of 2014, Los Angeles quartet Blood Candy list their influences as “space, magic, making out, dreams, murder, love.” Hear more of their fab fuzz, including some tasty live tracks, on Soundcloud.

Set List for WTSH on Strangeways Radio. Aired October 15, 2014.

band name | track title
Clan of Xymox. Masquerade.
Kindest Lines. Dark Dream.
Brief Candles. Permafrost.
My Bloody Valentine. Honey Power.
Young Prisms. Midnight’s When.
Wildhoney. Get Out Of My Dreams
Chasms. Darker Outside.
Chapterhouse. April.
Yohuna. Keep Apnea.
Tender Age. Get High.
The Cure. Closedown.
New Canyons. Everyone is Dark.
No Body. Bronze.