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11 July 2018

TONIGHT! WTSH on DKFM. Stream it live at 10pm E/9pm C.

TONIGHT on WTSH: expect tasty sonic bits by Vallens, Tennis System, Pure Ghost, Sustains, Holy Forrest, HUNDREDTH, Resounding NO, Timelost, A Shoreline Dream, Vintage Flowers, HEAVEN + MORE! 

Stream it live 
10pm E/9pm C/7pm P or via the app! 

Stay tuned in for the Somewherecold Radio show @ 12am E/11pm C!

09 July 2018

WTSH Official Video Premiere: Useless Cities | A Little Too Obtuse directed by Deborah Espect.

Photo by Ingrid van den Berg

Useless Cities – “A Little Too Obtuse”
Music Video Debut from Director Deborah Espect

London quartet Useless Cities’ new single, “A Little Too Obtuse,” is a mournful meditation on the ways alienation can creep into intimacy and threaten relationships. The track deftly integrates post-punk and goth-era as well as shoegaze influences, immediately creating a powerful atmosphere of both melancholy and hope. Useless Cities formed in London in 2016, have since released two EPs and three singles, and may be familiar to many of our readers by way of DKFM Shoegaze Radio.

While the video for "A Little Too Obtuse" has made it to a few corners of the web in recent days, we're honored that director Deborah Espect contacted When the Sun Hits for the official premiere. The smoothly executed and emotionally powerful clip is a relatively complex piece that tracks parallel threads while making use of contrasting atmospheres and multiple environments. Impressively, the film represents Deborah's first foray into the music video form. Based in Brighton, UK, Deborah writes and produces as well as directs; her recent short films and web series have been shown at over thirty international film festivals, including Cannes. A huge shoegaze, goth and post-rock fan, Deborah is keen to make more music videos. If you are a band in need of a video director, she invites you to get in touch at

Useless Cities has two upcoming London shows, the Amersham Arms on July 13th and the George Tavern on July 25th, 2018. The project is currently in studio recording new tracks for autumn release.
Photo by Helena Korner

05 July 2018

ALBUM REVIEW: The Beremy Jets | Careless. Reviewed by Elizabeth Klisiewicz.

The Beremy Jets - Careless (Somewherecold Records)
Release date: July 27, 2018

Upon listening to the dense, layered grooves of this debut full length from Malmö, Sweden’s The Beremy Jets, it is difficult to believe it was created by only one guy, a singing drummer named Paul Saarnak (LKWRM, Slowmotion Club) with help from Anne Saarnak and Jason Lamoreaux (Somewherecold label head and host of the Somewhere Cold Radio Hour on DKFM). Paul has released two previous EPS stuffed with winning tunes, and Careless is no exception to this rule! Just witness the glorious premiere single, “Waves of Wonder” for an inkling of what to expect in the grooves (vinyl or otherwise) of this record.

Opening track “Be Happy” not only traffics in joy, it demands the listener step up and join the celebration! Gigantic melodic hooks come crashing around you as shimmering sonic waves assault you gently. Just beautiful! And the guitar on this is massive, carving out an expansive soundspace for itself. “Good Times” immediately reminds me of Swervedriver (never a bad thing!) and as this stellar tune lifts off, you’ll swear Adam Franklin is on board. 

“No Am No” takes a lighter approach and puts Paul’s gentle voice in the forefront. I envision myself in a boat on a slow-moving river with toes dipped in the water, and this song playing as the perfect summer soundtrack. “My Team Lost Again” is a graceful slow burn, chiming guitars making lots of space for Paul’s voice. The song eventually meanders into walls of feedback as it winds to a close. “Daily Internal Monologue” is short and possibly destined to be a single, a spacey wonder of a tune with droning instrumental passages.

Paul has a real ear for melody, as witnessed again and again on this release. “Proud-button” jacks up the energy into high gear (in case you were lulled into a daydream by the previous songs) and has help on vocals from Anne. In fact, I am reminded of Dinosaur Jr for some reason! And when the bridge comes around, watch out! It’s a killer wave of sound headed your way. Very cool! “Shut Up Forever” includes guest vocals from Jason and is simply beautiful. I prefer the softer passages, but it’s all great. I can only imagine how this would sound live, but I am guessing it would blow the doors off and incinerate everyone. 

The aforementioned “Waves of Wonder” is the perfect choice for the first single, and it gets me every time with the Swervedriveresque hook at its heart. I just love the way it builds up to a magnificent peak. And finally, we have “Thanks, Future Client” as the album’s coda, and I hear glimmers of The Verve in its sinuous sound motes. It is bright, shining, and the majesty of pure shoegaze (with a side of psych) is in full display. In short, this is a great debut from a super talented artist. Highly recommended.

04 July 2018

ALBUM REVIEW: Soft Science | Maps. Reviewed by Elizabeth Klisiewicz.

Soft Science - Maps (Test Pattern Records)

The Sacramento based Soft Science is garnering some well-deserved attention on Maps, their third full length. People in the know were already familiar with this great dream pop band, but that scope is widening with this excellent new release. Nobody will be crying sell out when their ears are treated to the glistening shimmer of these enchanting tunes, every one of them a potential single!

The record careens open with the dynamic thrust of “Undone”, a winning tune for sure. I love the keyboard line that overarches the shining waves of guitar and enhances singer Katie Haley’s dulcet tones. “Breaking” hearkens back to vintage indie pop from the late 80s, only with a modern spin. Utterly delightful!

“Diverging” is a firm favorite of mine, bursting with multicolored musical facets and serving up a magical confection. Massive hooks and Katie’s lovely voice are the icing on this sonic cake. “There” is another great tune, and hints of Lush flit through the mix. Layer upon layer of beautiful noise are sure to win even the most jaded listener!

“Apart” is more pensive and its cadence reminds me of classic British folk rock. The quieter backdrop works to highlight the singular talents in this group. Everyone rules here! The opening chords of the marvelous “Sooner” remind me of none other than 90s stalwarts, Single Gun Theory. I am sure everyone hears something different, but this is how it struck me. Like a fizzing music bomb, this one immediately douses you with its shining beats. And man, it has the best sing along chorus.

“Know” takes on a bit of gazey sheen, with what sounds like a chorus effect on the guitar. It will have you dancing and bobbing your head as you listen, unless you are made of stone! “Still” hits it out of the park, while the majestic “Enough” pulls back the reins a bit and could easily slot in nicely next to Slowdive on your playlist. The album’s coda is the short “Slip” and it ends far too soon. In summary, this is one of the best albums you’re likely to hear this year, and if you haven’t already picked it up, remedy that situation immediately. Highly recommended.

03 July 2018

VIDEO PREMIERE: Meringue | Weird Blues.

Portland, Oregon trio Meringue showed up late last year with “Silly Girl”, a Television Personalities cover, followed immediately by debut EP Heavy Lime, available digitally and on cassette. “Weird Blues” is the kick-off track for Meringue’s upcoming split cassette EP with The Wild Body, due for release August 5th, 2018. Meringue includes Kelly Dawson and Elaina Tardif sharing vocal, guitar, and bass duties, with Bryan Robertson on drums. Elaina and Bryan may be familiar from WTSH-beloved Portland quintet Tender Age, whose debut full-length Becoming Real Forever drops July 9th.

The brand new video for “Weird Blues” features a wizard in a dark dive bar whose tarot readings effect events in a nearby laundromat. The seventies vibe in the lyrics and video reflect Kelly’s inspiration by the story of Donna Manson, one of serial killer Ted Bundy’s victims.

19 June 2018

ALBUM REVIEW: Heaven | All Love is Blue. Reviewed by Jack Beltane.

Heaven | All Love Is Blue

The thickness of great music can never be underestimated: the strongest tunes submerge you in a silken pool of sound and seduce you with the weight of it. On All Love Is Blue, Brooklyn three-piece Heaven hefts the full measure of great songs. The album weaves hypnotic tracks that are crafted from a depth of sound winnowed to a sharp edge, honed from rippling guitars and a fuzzed-out wall of rhythm.

Made up of Matt Sumrow (vocals and guitar), Mikey Jones (drums) and Lizzah Lohse (keyboards and vocals), Heaven surfaced in the wake of Sumrow and Jones working with artists such as Swervedriver, Ambulance LTD, and The Big Sleep. Jones and Sumrow formed Heaven as a duo in 2010 and released Telepathic Love in 2013. Five years later they've added Lohse and perfected their sound, creating All Love Is Blue, their sophomore release, on Little Cloud Records.

All Love Is Blue mines the mental landscape of the downtime between clubs -- those stolen moments of anticipatory calm while waiting for a bus or sitting on the subway, lost in the warmth of urban nights and the promise of adventure. From the liquid ease of the title track to the staccato timing of "Darken Fields," the album leads you into the spiraling echoes of the start-stop pace of a city that never sleeps because it takes all night to see everything. This is full, reflective music: block the noise, close your eyes, and vanish as the shoegaze vocals drift beneath psych guitars and an undulating bed of keyboards. 

All Love Is Blue is an atmospheric album about coming down before you go back up: it reminds you that life is lived by us, in our cities and our dreams. “There's a hole in the mirror”, Sumrow sings on "The Sun Shines Through In The Evening," showing us that All Love Is Blue isn't a reflection of the artists but a window for you: it's reflective because it reminds you of your world and it reminds you there's still more to see. “Never The Moment” and Boo Radleys cover “Firesky” bookend the album: a driving overture with guitar work that slices into you, and a dark rocker to wake you up and remind you that the night isn't over yet. 

If Oasis had a soul and Mazzy Star had an urban background, you'd get close to Heaven. Thanks to Sumrow, Jones, and Lohse, you're already there.

Jack Beltane is a novelist and poet from Cleveland, Ohio, who nurses a heavy addiction to music. You can find him at