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20 October 2010

Top 5 Shoegaze Records of the Week.

When The Sun Hits brings you another weekly installment of gazer obsessions. Enjoy! Don't forget, you can quickly and easily browse the archive of previous Top 5 Lists on the right side bar, if you are so inclined.

Next week: our Halloween edition of the Top 5 Shoegaze Records of the Week! We'll bring you our top 5 picks drawn from the murky waters of what we lovingly refer to as DOOMGAZE. All black attire is required.

*Danny's Top 5 Shoegaze/Dream Pop Records of the Week*

1. Should. A Folding Sieve. Words on Music. (2002)

2. The Boo Radleys. Giant Steps. Creation. (1993)

3. Echo & the Bunnymen. Ocean Rain. Sire. (1984)

4. The Ropers. The Ropers. Slumberland. (1994)

5. Lilys. Eccsame the Photon Band. spinART. (1994)

*Amber's Top 5 Shoegaze/Dream Pop Records of the Week*

1. Ifwhen. Null Set. Three Cubed Records. (2010)

2. All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors. Turning Into Small. Gern Blandsten. (1998)

3. Keith Canisius. Ferris Wheel Makeout. Darla. (2008)

4. thisquietarmy. Aftermath. Basses Frequences. (2010)

5. Slowdive. Pygmalion (Reissue/Remaster). Cherry Red. (2010)


  1. Should "A Folding Sieve" came out in 94-5.-D

  2. Orig. it did anyway.I see you have posted the re-release dates on the older stuff.Got ya!=)

  3. haha oops, sorry! i can change to the originals if you'd like! :) - amber.