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17 December 2010

New Band Alert! The Star Charts (Ej and Martin from The Morning After Girls!). Camden's Burning.

camden's burning (demo) by thestarcharts


  1. I'm a bit behind on things due to the holidays ( and life in general as of late), but having just now listened to this demo track --

    a mere 10 days after it was posted -- :P


    My ears perk up, my jaw drops down, and my heart surreptitiously skips a beat....

    This is just sublimely beautiful. As wonderful a year as 2010 was for music, it's looking like 2011 is going to be even better.

    This one gets a score of: "One huge WOW and 2 large WOOTS, girlfriend!"

    OK, I really need some sleep. I don't even know what/who I was supposed to be "channeling" there. In all seriousness, though -- this song is breathtaking.



    I am several magnitudes beyond impressed here; it's just that good. :)

  2. Really like this! Can't wait for more- Robert, The Sunshine factory