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04 January 2011

When The Sun Hits Picks: Top 35 Albums of 2010.

Top 35 Shoegaze/Dream Pop Albums of 2010

Understatement: 2010 - an insanely huge year for shoegaze and dream pop records. Danny and I thought long and hard about this, and we are sure that we probably left someone important off - but once we got up to 35, we just couldn't go any further. Never have we had end of year lists this lengthy, EVER. We have a Top EPs of 2010 list coming up shortly, with even more amazing stuff, as well as some re-issue shout outs, but for now, here are our favorite long players of no particular order...ready, set, (gasp) go!

1. Wild Nothing. Gemini.
2. 800beloved. Everything Purple.
3. The Sunshine Factory. Sugar.
4. Tears Run Rings. Distance.
5. Ceremony. Rocket Fire.
6. Bloody Knives. Burn It All Down.
7. Insect Guide. Dark Days & Nights.
8. Me You Us Them. Post-Data.
9. Walls. Walls.
10. Soundpool. Mirrors In Your Eyes.
11. Deerhunter. Halcyon Digest.
12. Sway. This Was Tomorrow.
13. Presents for Sally. A Touch of Joy, A Touch of Sadness.
14. Candy Claws. Hidden Lands.
15. The Prids. Chronosynclastic.
16. Serena Maneesh. No. 2 Abyss in B Minor.
17. Hammock. Chasing After Shadows...Living With Ghosts.
18. Crash City Saints. Glow In The Dark Music.
19. The Black Angels. Phosphene Dream.
20. The Depreciation Guild. Spirit Youth.
21. Keith Canisius. This Time It's Our High.
22. Dead Leaf Echo. Truth.
23. Highspire. Aquatic.
24. Lovesliescrushing.
Girl. Echo. Suns. Veils.
25. Air Formation.
Nothing to Wish For (Nothing To Lose).
26. The High Violets.
27. Sleep Party People.
Sleep Party People.
28. Ulrich Schnauss.
Missing Deadlines, Selected Remixes.
29. Viernes.
Sinister Devices.
30. Ghost Society.
The Back of His Hands, Then the Palms.
31. Seinking Ships.
Museum Quality Capture.
32. Malory.
Pearl Diver.
33. The Daysleepers.
Waves of Creation (Remixes, B-sides, Demos).
34. Autolux. Transit Transit.

35. Blonde Redhead.
Penny Sparkle.


  1. yeah, that Serena M record is trippy as nuts. jse

  2. Quite the list! Hope to get my hands on a good few of these, maybe give me some new hope about todays shoegaze (which I haven't found to be too great the last couple of years, with a few exceptions). Thanks :)

  3. jse - "trippy as nuts" is, hands down, my new favorite saying. (and yes, it is trippy as nuts!!)

    soafterglow - let us know what you think!

  4. Sleep Party People is magical!

    Also featured on my music blog: (Music me Softly)

  5. Love you guys, but I think having Air Formation at 25 just really listened to it? More than once? It is their absolute best album and song for song gives Ride's "Nowhere" a run for its money. Its a modern shoegaze masterpiece and its sad to see it overlooked, especially by shoegaze connoiseurs