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29 May 2011

Shoegaze Quote: Sonic Boom makes a snide remark. Again.

Taken from the interview Andrew Stevens did with Sonic Boom (Peter Kember) for 3 am Interview.

Andrew: So would you rule out ever working with him [Jason Pierce] ever again? I'm sure that's some people's wet dream, like The Stone Roses reforming!

Sonic Boom: I could, is all I can say. I doubt he would care to. He doesn't necessarily like to reflect on it perhaps? It really wouldn't bother me. I played for Yo La Tengo for a week and put up with Ira Kaplan, so anything is possible...


  1. one of my best ever conversations with ANY known musician (I always put them on an imaginary pedestal & almost never talk to them) was with Ira ha ha.

  2. PK's an ex-junkie, looking at the prospects of going forward in life never to experience drug-induced thrills ever again (until the relapse). I think that may turn you into a grumpy old turd. At a recent Spectrum show he basically told some old "friends" to piss off who used to put him up more than a few times on tour. Not to mention the disdainful approach he took to the support bands that nite. Im truly sorry to agree with him but you can be a 'legend' and a total asswipe at the same time.

    BTW I have no beef with the guy, just pure observation. as Edith Ann used to say "..and that's the truth" :P :P :P

  3. Sonic Boom, even some people refused to admit it, are one of the true genius of contemporary music. just like Kevin Shields, who played with him aroun 1994 in the BEAUTIFUL E.A.R.'s album "Beyond the Pale"

    just for do a project like EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH Pete Kember himself deserves a place in Music History and even on Human Race Evolution History along with some other crazy people like Arthur Rimbaud, Nietzsche or Heráclito from ancient Greece

    and as Sonic said on his disc "Forever Alien" of Spectrum, a real milestone:


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