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12 January 2012

EP Review: Go for Gold. EP. Reviewed by Anne Marie Taul de Neergaard.

Artist: Go for Gold.
Title: EP.
Release Date: May 2011.

Reviewed by Anne Marie Taul de Neergaard.

Falling in love with noisy guitars, tambourines, distant pianos and no-bullshit drums surrounding catchy tunes...” - that's what their Facebook profile says, and I couldn't possibly agree more!

The Copenhagen-based danish band Go for Gold play a totally outstanding kind of shoegazy post-rock that really sweeps me off my feet right from the very first chord, I'm blown away, I'm in love!

The band's put together by five people; Kristian Rasmussen (vocal + guitar), Sille Mosegaard (vocal + keys), Andreas Brixen (drums), Mads Nyboe (guitar + keys) and Kenneth Skovhus (bass + production) and they released their first and self-titled 5-track EP back in May 2011.

All the way through, the Go for Gold EP is a truly high-flying and euphoric experience, and just pushing 'play' should really require some sort of clearance for takeoff! No wonder the first track's called 'No Patience' since that's actually a very accurate way of describing the feeling that presents itself after only seconds of listening! I find myself having a seriously hard time remaining calm enough for typing – I feel like jumping up and dancing, or jumping out from high places, absolutely confident my freshly grown wings will carry me just perfectly! Oh no, I'm not coming down any time soon!

Go for Gold. No Patience.

Thankfully the EP's second track is slowing down the beat a tiny bit, giving me a brief chance to catch my breath.

I have to agree with the chorus, though; “There's no way out for me” - I'm totally hooked and really impressed with how the band has managed to create such a coherent and consistent set of songs, yet allowing each and every song to differ from the others, adding new and pleasant surprises all the time! Thus also the third track provides a really nice variation in sound and mood, it's a bit more blue sounding, mixed with Kristian Rasmussen and Sille Moesgaard's almost symbiotic vocal harmonies, while the fourth track takes me back up in speed to the burningly intense feeling that's a consistent characteristic on the whole album.

Finally, Go for Gold has mercy on me. The last track takes my heartbeat back to it's more or less calm and steady normal rhythm – or, rather it sets it's speed really, dictating every heartbeat in the same way some of My Bloody Valentine's greatest songs do. And once again I'm completely swept away by the most amazing vocal harmonies, deliciously covered by layers of crisp and noisy guitars.

Oh yes, this superb EP is definitely one of my personal absolute favorite releases from last year – and will remain a favorite for a very long time to come, I'm sure!


  1. Just beautiful! Can't wait to hear what Anne Marie recommends next. Her picks always leave me breathless and her prose is sublime.