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09 March 2012

200,000 Gazes Volume Two is Officially Released! Like, right now. Download it for FREE!

When The Sun Hits Releases Long Awaited
Volume Two
of the 200,000 Gazes Compilation.

IT. HAS. ARRIVED. 200,000 Gazes Volume Two has been officially released! FINALLY! You can download it for FREE on bandcamp by CLICKING HERE.

A few things: firstly, if you thought you'd see your band on Volume One or Volume Two but you don't, never fear. We have an entire album of tracks that will make up Volume 3, the final Volume in what is apparently our 200,000 Gazes Trilogy. THERE IS NO SPECIFIC ORDER TO THE TRACKS, NOR DOES THE VOLUME YOU APPEAR ON HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HOW GOOD YOU ARE. There is no hierarchy. Volume Three comes out Summer 2012 (I'm thinking May) and it is RAD!

Also, let's talk about track 5 on Volume Two. Bloody hell is that a great track. BUT WE DON'T KNOW WHO THE BAND IS, HELP PLEASE! I sifted through all the emails, right clicked all up and down that file looking for a band name - nothing. So if "BlackWoodElsa" is your masterpiece, let us know so we can credit you!

Furthermore, if you see any mistakes - spelling, track title, whatever - let us know! Sometimes these things slip through the cracks.

200,000 Gazes: Volume Two.

1. Sway. Mary Blair Murals.
2. Endian. Fuckin.
3. Dodecahadron. Blue.,m
4. Jesper Lundager. I Could Fall in Love Again...
5. unknown. BlackWoodElsa.
6. Elemental Gaze. God Knows Why This Should be Kept for All Time.
7. The Phantom Light. Echoes of Ghosts.
8. thisquietarmy. Gone to the Unseen (Radio Edit).
9. Starblood. Red Hills Gate.
10. Of Silence and Sound. Alone.
11. Mirror Mirror. Edge of Heaven.
12. Stellarium. Down.
13. I, Noiseferatu. In the City.
14. Ludwyg. Scream.
15. The Underground Youth. Strangle Up My Mind.
16. Brideburger. Victims and Relatives in Japan.
17. Quiet Lights. Ablaze.
18. Starfire Connective Sound. Drive the Breeze.
19. HCMJ. Wanderer.
20. Music for Headphones. K.
21. The Microdance. We Are Made of Evil Things.
22. Transmission. Orange.
23. Depth and Current. Lost.

Download 200,000 Gazes Volume One for free on bandcamp to hear the comp that started it all.

Volume Three: To Be Released Summer 2012!


  1. this is really damn good. i havent even heard of half of these bands. nice work - can't wait to discover some new tunes.

  2. I'm seeing Volume 2 listed on bandcamp as $5. Is that accurate or is it supposed to be free?

  3. Bandcamp charges for "free" content once it exceeds 200 downloads, and that may be what's happening here. Check out the policy:

    The easiest solution is to switch over to a no-gimmick free host, such as

  4. same here.. NOT FREE anymore. original post should be edited accordingly.

  5. Another option is to actually fork over $5.00!

  6. yes, we could pay the $5.00, but this compilation series has been promoted for months as "free". Enough with the trendy hipster Bandcamp bulls**t, use a real host.

  7. "if you see any mistakes - spelling, track title, whatever - let us know"

    Yeah, I see a mistake - the PRICE!

  8. Hey guys, obviously the intent of WTSH was for the comp to be free, but they reached the bandcamp free download limit. I'm sure if they want to repost it again somewhere else for free, they will. In the meantime, $5 for 23 songs from new bands you've never heard of sounds like a good deal to me! (^_^)

  9. The issue isn't whether or not $5.00 is a fair price. The issue is that WTSH is promoting this comp as "free" when it actually costs money. If you want to charge for it, that's fine - just stop labeling it as FREE!

  10. I'm sure that they just haven't seen that they have exceeded their free downloads yet. WTSH can pay for more free downloads and I'm sure that they will. Stop acting like they're trying to pull one over on you or rip you off. This is an oversight that surely will be fixed soon.

  11. In the meantime, stream them for free and discover some cool new music. Then, get out and support the bands and artists. I'm sure that most of them play live and have other albums and merch for sale. SUPPORT the artists that make music that you enjoy!

  12. And, if you're a really kind soul, recognize that this blog and these comps cost money to produce and distribute. Click the "DONATE" link over there----> and be a part of something.

    1. hi everyone - yes, once you exceed a certain number of downloads, bandcamp starts charging until you pay them some coin. which i am perfectly happy to do, but i was in vegas for 6 days last week, hence not knowing that this had happened until just recently. anyway the problem has been fixed, the comp is free once again, and i will refund anyone who paid the $5. again, my apologies. it was an accident. these things happen. if anyone has any questions about this, or if you just want to shoot the shit about asphalt and clown wigs, email me directly at

      xo a