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07 March 2012

News: 200,000 Gazes Volume Two to be Released FRIDAY! And there's more...

Better late than never - 200,000 Gazes Volume Two will be released THIS Friday, March 9th as a free download on bandcamp. There's a reason (okay, there are MANY reasons, but this is one of them) why Volume Two is so late - choosing the tracks was insanely difficult! I can't believe how many genuinely excellent tracks we received from bands out there. There are so many, in fact, that a 200,000 Gazes Volume 3 will be released in Summer 2012! Yes, we're serious. We even already have a fancy cover for it and everything (see below). Look how fancy that is! So be ready this Friday for the long awaited second volume of the 200,000 Gazes compilation to be unleashed upon the world. It's fucking rad, seriously. And look forward to the final volume, Volume Three, this summer. Aw. We released a trilogy. That's cute.

Click HERE to download 200,000 Gazes Volume One for free on bandcamp.


Oh, hi. I'm the cover art for Volume Three. Right below this text. Yep, right there. That's me. Volume Three. I also rhyme. See you this summer, gazers!!