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03 November 2013

From the Vault: WTSH Brings Back Top 5 Albums of the Week feature.

From the Vault: 
WTSH Brings Back Weekly Top 5 Feature

Back when WTSH was a wee blog, the Top 5 Albums of the Week feature was something Danny and I posted religiously (do a quick search of the blog archives from 2010-2011 and you'll find tons of them). Not only did the exercise appeal to our inner-nerd (music geeks love making lists - this is common knowledge), but it also kept us focused on the music we'd been listening to and allowed us another opportunity to promote quality bands every week. The appearance of this feature slowed to a crawl - and then stopped altogether - as the demands of our daily lives eclipsed the posting of the Top 5. After Danny died, I couldn't really imagine doing the piece anymore and mostly forgot all about it.

Recently, the thought of bringing back the Top 5 feature occurred to me as a possibility - Danny and I used to enjoy the hell out of making those weekly lists and frankly, my inner-nerd was demanding some sort of list-making activity. With Dan Joy now on board as WTSH's Assistant Editor, it suddenly felt like the right time to bring back the Top 5 Albums of the Week. Just like before, these new lists will focus heavily on newer releases, but the classics will always make their presence known, as well. Welcome back from the vault - the Top 5 Albums of the Week!

Dan’s Top 5 Albums of the Week

Sisu || Blood Tears
Cults || Static

Minks || Tides End

Blouse || Imperium

Candy Claws || Ceres and Calypso in the Deep Time

Amber’s Top 5 Albums of the Week

Black Hearted Brother || Stars Are Our Home

Jesu || Every Day I Get Closer to the Light from Which I Came

New Canyons || Everyone is Dark

SPC ECO || Sirens & Satellites

Cocteau Twins || Treasure

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