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01 March 2014

Set Lists for WTSH on Strangeways Radio || Originally Aired Feb 19 and Feb 26, 2014.

Set List for WTSH
Originally Aired February 19, 2014

band name || track title
The Fauns. Nothing Ever.
Ringo Deathstarr. Chainsaw Mornings.
Chapterhouse. Breather.
LSD & The Search For God. I Don’t Care.
Airiel. Kiss Me Slowly.
Mode Moderne. Severed Heads.
The Field Mice. If You Need Someone.
Dum Dum Girls. In The Wake Of You.
Curve. Superblaster.
Mahogany. Domino Ladder Beta.
Swallow. Lovesleep.
September Girls. Ships.
Air Formation. Low December Sun.
Powder Blue. The Haunting.

Set List for WTSH
Originally Aired February 26, 2014

band name || track title
I Break Horses. Denial.
Lowlife. Again and Again.
Chapterhouse. Satin Safe.
No Joy. Yang Sanpaku.
Frank (Just Frank). Ride of a Lifetime.
Cocteau Twins. Beatrix.
The Veils. Unparalleled.
DIIV. Doused.
Asylum Party. Before the Smile.
The Telescopes. The Perfect Needle.
Youngteam. Black Lodge.
Catherine Wheel. Strange Fruit.
The Wake. Favour.


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