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19 July 2016

Hidden Gems from the Classic Vault: 3 Tracks by Ozean.

Ozean is an obscure early 90s dream pop band from the United States. This clip compiles three of Ozean’s songs – Fall, Porcelain and Scenic – which were included on a demo tape that the band recorded in 1992. An ex-band member, Eric Shea, pulled the demos out of the murky shadows earlier this year and uploaded them.

Previously, the songs were lost to time and hadn’t been heard in 20 years. Today, the songs still sound remarkable and lovely – very much in the vein of Slowdive, but clearly nuanced with Ozean’s own style. Having this once-buried treasure now available for streaming on Youtube is gift enough, but if you take a look at the comment thread under the clip, your faith in humanity might be restored.