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02 September 2016

JUST FOR A DAY turns 25 years old || Watch this remastered live video for CATCH THE BREEZE.

An amazing moment in history, remastered by Greg Wilson of DKFM Shoegaze Radio and gifted to the world. Let the celebration begin – Slowdive’s debut LP, Just For A Day, turns 25 years old today. Incredible.

Rachel said this about the recording on Facebook today:
"There's lots of things I remember about the filming of this at the Marquee Club in London.

My best friend Emma had just qualified as a makeup artist (and this she has successfully maintained as her career to date, working with some incredible people over the years) and she did my make up for this show.

Russ from Chapterhouse was paid £20 by the camera crew to kiss the girl in the stripey top for the 'ambience' or something (I think he had never met her before).

And it was a very hot and sweaty gig (clearly in more ways than one for some). Also very nerve wracking at such a young age being filmed for the BBC.

And Just For A Day. 25 years old today. HPBDY. What a journey it continues to be…"