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21 June 2017


Tennessee-based 4-piece Lacing first caught our attention last year, after releasing their majestically dense debut EP, Honey Glow. Equal parts narcotic sludge and ‘90s nostalgia, Lacing’s sound packs a distortion-heavy punch that you won’t soon forget.

“Summer” is the lead single from the band’s forthcoming debut LP, Bummer. Their crunchy fusion of shoegaze, slowcore and noise pop is irresistible on this heavy groove. Despite the song’s title, this isn’t an easy-going, sunny tune for your morning jog on the beach (well, unless epic feedback makes you want to do cardio). If the intense riffs and shrieking feedback on “Summer” don’t get your attention, the nuanced and atmospheric moments of great beauty certainly will. If this strong single is any indication, Bummer will be anything but.

Highly recommended for lovers of stonergaze, slowcore, sludgy pop, swirling noise, as well as to those who generally enjoy having their freakin’ faces rocked off with controlled blasts of raw beauty.

Bummer is slated for release in the coming weeks, but no firm date has been set, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. A forthcoming split with WTSH faves Lazy Legs (the perfect pairing, no?) is also on the docket for Lacing.