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02 October 2018

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE: Black Sea | Low Life.

Today we are excited to present the brand-new single from Black Sea, entitled “Low Life”. “Low Life” is actually a cover of an original song by hip-hop/rap artist Future (popular Canadian hip hop artist The Weeknd is also featured on the original version). We’ve seen a lot of covers in our day, but Black Sea’s take on Future’s “Low Life” is probably the most unique choice we’ve seen to date (which is really saying something, since we’ve seen shoegazey covers of songs by Mariah Carey and Smash Mouth, to name a few). What’s even more interesting is that Black Sea actually pulls this off, delivering a legitimately dreamy cover of “Low Life”.

In the original song, Future and The Weeknd trade off singing verses; Cole Devine of Black Sea chose to focus specifically on Future’s second verse when recording the cover. We asked Cole about the song choice: “I'm a big fan of Future and performing someone else’s work is really cool to me in a lot of ways. I am unable to create something like this on my own. Perhaps I could record the music, but the lyrics are something that require major skills in writing, as well as a human experience different from my own.”

Cole also mentioned that the follow-up to last year’s Disappointing Sunset (one of our favorite 2017 releases) is currently in the final mixing stage. The 10 new songs “will definitely be another step in the band’s progression with experimentation and production.” Epic.

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