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03 February 2011

Free Download: Amber's Shoegaze Radio Show. Aired Jan. 30, 2011.

Free Download: Amber's Shoegaze Radio Show.

originally aired on Jan. 30, 2011 on KTRU 91.7fm

Click HERE to download the show. Put on headphones or significantly turn up your speaker volume. Enjoyment should ensue.

See set list below for mid-enjoyment reference time. Gaze correctly!

band name/track title

1. Presents for Sally. Chug.
2. Wild Nothing. Cloudbusting (Kate Bush Cover).

3. House of Love. Girl with the Loneliest Eyes.

4. Dead Mellotron. I Hate the Way Things Are.

5. Adorable. Vendetta.

6. Swirlies *request*. Sarah Sitting.
Perfect Blue. Sunshine.
8. The Prids. Fragile.

9. Lush. Leaves Me Cold.

10. Boys Beware. Flourescent.

11. Moose. Last Night I Fell Again.

12. Brittle Stars. Four Words.
SPC ECO. For All Time.
14. Swallow. Oceans and Blue Skies.


  1. Thank you so much for making these mp3's available to us!

  2. The Perfect Blue track is out of this world