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16 February 2011

Free Download and News: Keith Canisius Releases Digital Album, The Oceanic Voyage.

Hot on the heels of one of When The Sun Hits top LPs of 2010 (see full list HERE), Keith Canisius' This Time It's Our High, comes a brand new release from him, which is already available now. This. Is. Awesome. News.

The Oceanic Voyage is a special digital only follow-up to Canisius' recent dream pop/chill wave masterpiece This Time It’s Our High, which was released by Darla in September 2010 (click the links to read WTSH's interview with Keith and Amber's review of This Time It's Our High). This digital release (and we repeat, DIGITAL RELEASE ONLY) consists of 15 heavily manipulated ambient drones produced and recorded mostly on guitar over the the course of his career from 2006-2009.

The Oceanic Voyage is the first in a series of experimental digital albums Keith Canisius plans to release.


Click HERE to download "The Oceanic Voyage", the title track, for FREE.


  1. this is SO awesome that he is doing this. great stuff

  2. It's SO terrible that an artist decides to sell his music ONLY as MP3s! Shows very little respect for the beauty and the quality of what he does...

  3. i see your point, but to be fair to canisius, he JUST released an LP on all formats that was gorgeous, and this one is the first in a series of three very experimental albums, so they aren't normal LPs at all. i'm pretty confident that if the MP3 sales go well for this first go around, these 3 experimental albums will no doubt get a hard copy release, probably via darla, i would imagine, but if darla doesn't do it, someone else will, if canisius wishes.

    but yeah, personally, i'd rather have this on vinyl! :)