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03 February 2013

News: My Bloody Valentine releases first new album in 21 Years; the whole world totally loses their shit.

OH hey, in case you haven't heard (you haven't heard?!) My Bloody Valentine has FINALLY (FUCKING FINALLY) released a new album, entitled "m b v". And guess what? It's bloody brilliant. Which is a relief, because if it hadn't been fantastic, legions of shoegazers all over the world would have had to re-evaluate their entire universes, as well as their places in it, and it would have been a whole to-do that I personally did not want to deal with. Now that I know it IS good, let the endless discussions begin. Oh yes. Everyone is losing their shit over this record, and that includes us. But we're taking the weekend to soak it all in before talking too much about it. We suggest you do the same. Get educated, and then get ready to talk, because 21 years of anticipation is a long damn time, and things are going to get crazy.



  1. I'm about on my 30th listen. I'm ready to talk about it now. Endlessly. I feel bad for my friends on social media sites that don't listen to shoegaze. It's been a crazy 24 hours!

  2. how would you like to review it for wtsh? i want to get a cross section of reviews for this album - it'll be cool to read different opinions. let me know if you want to! i think i'll have 4 others review it + myself. FUN!

  3. That is very good advice, Amber. Actually, I promise, I'm NEVER gonna say a single word about it! ;)

    And yeah, thank Baby Jesus (or baby Kevin) it doesn't suck!