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29 May 2013

Soundcloud Track: Jaguwar. Muffhead (Demo).

“Muffhead” is a demo track with a billowing, classic shoegaze sound from Jaguwar, a Dresden trio less than a year old who have already managed an EP and supporting slots for Japandroids, Tamaryn, and Megaphonic Thrift.

The poetry and humor evident in Jaguwar’s Facebook biography and description suggest a band truly on fire with shoegaze spirit:

JAGUWAR formed in summer 2012 under the starsigns of shoegaze and noisepop music. Three whatevers start philosophising about finding a soundshape which is blended by walls of guitars but even sparkled with sweet purple stars.

By losing all their money in buying tons of amps, effects, guitars and my bloody valentine vinyls, they left home to play every gig they could.

the shape of a fender Jaguar.
crystal delay/reverb sounds.
fuzzz wave attack.
feedback noise.
the beatles on a spacemen 3 show.