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22 November 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Emerald Down || Caught a Wave.

“Caught a Wave” (2016) is the second of at least two brand new official videos anticipated for The Emerald Down’s second release, Scream the Sound, being reissued on colored double vinyl (as well as CD) on November 28, 2016 by Saint Marie Records. For the first time, readable lyrics will be included with the album, along with all-new expanded artwork.

Aside from the recent video for “Perilized”, “Caught a Wave” is one of the only official videos ever released by the band during their 20 year career span. This flurry of activity indicates a period of important development for The Emerald Down. They have an exciting new five piece lineup comprised of original members Rebecca Basye and Jason Markin, along with Tyler Royster (Blanco Branco), David Fitzgerald (The Junkyard Liberty/The Telescopes) and Nick Noble (93MillionMilesFromTheSun). The quintet is planning a forthcoming single, entitled “Lucas”, and will also release a brand new LP, Songs From Saturn, which will be released by Wrong Way Records.

The video synthesizes classic television footage of The Emerald Down circa 1999. In it, the band is performing their then brand new track “Caught a Wave” as they prepare to create and release Scream the Sound. The video features ambient scenery from the coastal beaches of Washington State (the band’s original home) and sweeping ocean waves well-suited to the vast soundscapes featured in the song. This imagery is the perfect accompaniment to the song’s lyrics, which are full of grace, regret, melodious melancholy, impassioned self-realization and acceptance.

Featured in the video is an incredibly rare, live glimpse of the original Scream the Sound line-up featuring Rebecca Basye on guitar, Jim Rock on bass, Chad Williamson on guitar and Jason Markin on drums, as they perform one the their most historically beloved tracks.

Editing and post-production by Rebecca Basye

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