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15 April 2017

NEW VIDEO: Trementina | Oh Child.

The video for “Oh Child” is the latest from Santiago, Chile’s Trementina. The track appears on the trio’s new full-length, 810, available across the spectrum of physical formats from Burger Records and as a download on Bandcamp. It’s an utterly effervescent album that represents a significant shift in sound for the project, known in the past for wonderfully noisy, classic guitar-based shoegaze. The new release, relying at least as much on keyboard as guitar, features gorgeous reverbed organ and steel drum textures and draws from a palette including Latin rhythms, EDM beats, and Caribbean sounds for a dream pop excursion both consistent and diverse. As much as we have loved earlier Trementina efforts, we venture that 810 is the band’s finest—and most distinctive—moment, with every track effusing a certain radiant, irreducible Trementina essence. On 810 the band has found its voice in a new way, as “Oh Child” amply demonstrates.

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