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04 February 2019

WTSH Exclusive Video/Single Premiere: Spotlight Kid | Shivers directed by Christian Davis.

For WTSH, a new Spotlight Kid release is a big deal. In our eyes the Nottingham, England quintet has played a leading role in the resurgence of shoegaze—if not in terms of massive renown, then for quality and sheer perfection of the genre. It’s been a very long time since the band’s last full-length, Ten Thousand Hours, came out on Saint Marie Records in 2014. So of course we’re thrilled—not just to premiere a new Spotlight Kid track and video, but also by the news that the single in question, the utterly lovely “Shivers”, will feature on a forthcoming digital EP release, the first of a series of three EPs to be collected in a vinyl edition in the fall.

The clip for “Shivers” was directed by the project’s drummer, Christian Davis. “When I’m not drumming,” Christian tells us, “I like to make films, music videos and documentaries. The video for ‘Shivers’ had been in my mind for a while. It was originally part of a short portmanteau horror film script that was gathering dust. I always think a great way to get things moving is to turn basic short film ideas into music videos, giving you the limitations to condense every idea into four minutes or so.

“With limited time and budget,” Christian continues, “I gathered together my longtime friend and stand-up comedian Duncan Oakley, his son, my son and five of their friends, a mountain of snacks, a drone and a pocket camera and we headed into the freezing January countryside for a day of filming. With the TV series Black Mirror and The League Of Gentlemen very much in my mind, we battled the cold conditions and the gloomy light and managed to put this together in about six hours—with one small interruption while I explained to the land owner of the private property we had stumbled on what we were doing! (She was very accommodating as it happens.) I hope this is the start of a trilogy of videos that will accompany the next two singles as well as 'Shivers'.”

A three-track EP led by “Shivers” will become available February 15th on Spotlight Kid’s Bandcamp page, while “Shivers” itself will also placed as a single across other platforms.


  1. Thanks you for having some actual information about the new Spotlight Kid songs, their release date and for posting the video! So far there's no other info on the internet about this that I could find.

  2. That's a tune! And a warning to all fans of in-car poodle hair rock. Nice vid.

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