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27 July 2010

Album Review: Whirl. Distressor EP.

artist: whirl.
album: distressor EP.
record label: self-released.
release date: may 2010.

this extremely promising debut EP from california-based whirl is yet another instance of an amazing shoegaze band appearing out of nowhere (to me, anyway) and utterly blowing my mind. the distressor ep just recently hit my radar, and it's been on constant repeat ever since.

the opening track, aptly named "preface", is full of mysterious swirling guitar and low, gorgeous female-spoken lyrics, perfectly setting the stage for the following six gorgeous songs. the tracks are straight up classic gaze, with ethereal female vocals and plenty of fuzz, but still manage to feature enough originality and freshness to sound like something you haven't yet heard before. and that you definitely want to hear again. (and in my case, again and again.)

the melodies are untouchable and massive, featuring gorgeous drones and distortion. most of the tracks are slow-burning sonic forces to be reckoned with, languid and loud, with the haunting vocals buried in the mix. "leave" is a gorgeous example of this, recalling moments from both slowdive and the intensity of ride's "dreams burn down". "meaningless", the EP's one truly upbeat moment, is a golden example of shoegaze that makes your toes tap, and wouldn't be out of place among some of today's great dream pop bands, bringing to mind the likes of the pains of being pure at heart.

whirl self-released this EP, and it is available for download for a meager TEN CENTS (or more, if you wish) at their website. you can also mail order a CASSETTE of the EP (how cool is that?) for $2 USD. either way you go, it's a bargain you need to take advantage of. from start to finish, the distressor EP is beyond stellar. it goes without saying that i am anxiously awaiting a full-length from whirl. i couldn't recommend this EP more highly.

check out the video below to hear the excellent track "leave" from the distressor EP.

review by amber.


  1. Great review Miss Amber!I am def. gonna buy this.Viva Shoegaze!!!!

  2. It's an utterly fantastic recording. I love it.


  3. This ep is brilliant!!!!!!!!!I can't stop listening to it!-Danny

  4. It still beats everything they released afterwards. Their sound took a turn after this, which was a shame.