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22 July 2010

Welcome to When The Sun Hits - The blog for all things shoegaze & dreampop.

hello! it appears you have arrived at our new blog, when the sun hits. welcome and come in! normally we'd ask guests to remove their shoes, but here they must remain firmly in place. they are necessary, in that we will be gazing at them. intently. and often.

there is one thing, and one thing only, that fuels the existence of this blog: epically nerdy and immense gazer love. pure and simple. danny and i, your humble contributors, believe we can build quite a brilliant blog on top of all of that rampant geekery and love, and hence, the blog is born. we hope that when the sun hits, in turn, will provide more exposure to this amazing genre of music, and to the many talented musicians that brought it to life and keep it alive today.

at when the sun hits you can expect to find daily updates full of album reviews (of both the new releases and the classics), artist interviews, shoegaze gear features, band and record label spotlights, live show reviews, plenty of video posts, and whatever else we decide discussion worthy in the realm of shoegaze and dreampop.

commenting is open to the public, so please feel free to comment on any posting. we believe music should be an on-going discussion and look forward to future gazer rants! don't be one of those jerky commenter types, or we'll have to start monitoring them and other boring things we don't want to do. be cool.

we hope when the sun hits will be your go-to blog resource for all things gazer!

danny and i already have several ace things in store for you, including some awesome interviews and album reviews, but up first will be an article on that eternally reverberating question: what the eff is shoegaze, anyway?

we can answer that for you.

amber & danny.


  1. Just awesome and best of luck! If you came here to learn about this genre of music, you couldn't find two better experts! Keep The Gaze Alive!

  2. Just starting to browse through the blog folks, good luck for the journey ahead!