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27 March 2013

Bandcamp Track of the Day: The Bilinda Butchers. The Lover's Suicide!

The Bilinda Butchers. 
The Lover's Suicide!


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  2. At one of my favorite music blogs, Jay Brietling's Boston-centric Clicky Clicky Music blog, writer Edward Charlton has taken the occasion of this Bilinda Butchers single to make some deft remarks on dreampop & shoegaze in general:

    "Much is made about the sound in dream-pop and shoegaze, from plaudits for its ethereal release to complaints about "buried vocals," but surprisingly few realize just how sexy the genre can be. For the properly attuned, it can be easy to identify a distinct femininity permeating many tunes. Hell, one could argue that Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine redefined sexuality in pop music. Regardless, that influence has been snatched by certain bands, who have run off to the best parties, leaving stray vinyl behind like photo albums of that one perfect night. You just had to be there. Enter The Bilinda Butchers. Taking their name from one of indie rock's most graceful and mysterious sex symbols, the San Francisco-based duo proffers incandescent, soft-focus party songs on its latest single, "The Lover's Suicide!" b/w "Love So Estranged," which was released early last month." (