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25 August 2013

Strange Week in Music on the Strangeways Radio blog, feat. Soft Metals and more...

When The Sun Hits is now contributing to a weekly blog feature on the Strangeways Radio blog called Strange Week in Music. The full article can be found on the Strangeways blog;
WTSH cross posts it only partially, with a link to the full article provided.

Strange Week in Music gives each Strangeways DJ an opportunity to highlight one track that is related to his/her show that week; the article will include information, links, images, a video/stream of the tracks and where they can be purchased. You can think of it as Strangeways' Week at a Glance.

If you are new to Strangeways Radio, or are curious about other station shows aside from WTSH, this weekly feature on the Strangeways blog will be the perfect introduction. Below is WTSH's latest contribution.

Strange Week in Music || DJ Amber Crain Selection

Artist: Soft Metals
Album: Lenses
Song: Lenses
RIYL: Chromatics, Glass Candy, Kraftwerk, John Carpenter
Where to buy: Amazon or Captured Tracks

Soft Metals is multi-genre duo LA-based Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall. Brought together by a common love of 70s and 80s synthesizer music, their electronically rooted compositions are dark, ominous and often lacking any discernable hook or cathartic crescendo. Their songs are built from moody, improvised sessions together using exclusively electronic instruments, often incorporating nods to krautrock, psychedelic rock, and shoegaze genres, and heavily featuring Hall’s ethereal, distant vocals and unnervingly detached lyrical persona. Soft Metals is signed to Captured Tracks and just released their newest LP, Lenses, in July 2013...