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02 August 2013

WTSH Shoegaze Spotlight on the Strangeways Radio blog. This week's gaze: [aftersun].

 WTSH Shoegaze Spotlight 
on the Strangeways Radio Blog: 
A Weekly Gaze.

About this week's spotlight: 
Who: [aftersun]
What: WTSH Shoegaze Spotlight feature
Where: Strangeways Radio blog
When: Weekly

Every week WTSH will present a shoegaze/dream pop band on Strangeways' blog, highlighting how very awesome the band is and how you should be listening to them and buying their music and supporting them because they deserve it.

This week's focus:

[aftersun] was first formed in 2010 by Stephan Cherkashin (Telltale, Audn) as a solo studio project. Crafting a sound that exists somewhere between coldwave and shoegaze, Cherkashin went on to release a debut EP titled Pain Sounds the following year. After the addition of Adam Humphreys (Denner, Of The Between), the band began writing songs for an upcoming debut album…

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