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04 January 2016

Remake: Dum Dum Girls x Medicine || Lord Knows.

Medicine's Brad Laner shares the backstory for this track on his own site:  

Back in the fall of 2012 while we were hard at work on “To The Happy Few”, The Dum Dum Girls reached out to me to do a remix of their fantastic tune, “Lord Knows”. I decided to do a full-on Medicine re-make/cover of the tune using only Dee Dee’s vocals from their original version. Jim and I built an entirely new track and Beth added harmony vocals. The end result probably sounds more like old-school Medicine than anything on “TTHF”. Flash forward three years to the month and it still has never been released for whatever reason despite everyone involved saying it came out great. So I’ve decided to share it, because what’s the point of keeping it hidden? We’re nobody’s private dancers. Enjoy!