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24 October 2011

Album Review: Bloody Knives. Disappear.

With Bloody Knives' Blood remix EP set to be released this week (October 28th) on XD Records, we thought we'd get you amped for it with a review of the Disappear EP they released in May because it, too, is brilliant. A review of the remix EP is coming soon, so stay tuned for that, as well as an announcement for Fall tour dates!

When The Sun Hits Reviews Bloody Knives'

Reviewed by Guest Writer Jason M. Miller.

Band Name:
Bloody Knives
Album Title: Disappear.
Release Date: May 2011

Bloody Knives from Austin, Texas are one of those groups whose sound grabs you from the first tone and you can’t help but hold on! I first heard this group in a mix tape setting and they definitely stood out with their energy and sheer noisy bliss!

The band’s latest release, Disappear, blends elements of punk, psychedelic and shoegaze into a melodic noise collage that churns inside your head. Their energy does not relent through the five songs on this new release. The first song, “You Know You Want To”, is fantastic, with its use of a punk rock drum beat that cleverly runs contrary to the obscured and languid vocal melody.

The song “I’ll Never Leave You Alone” introduces textures of electro with its use of squiggly synthesizer lines. “My Blood Is In Your Veins” has a huge distorted bassline that drives the song to a crescendo before dissolving into the creative use of electronic sound effects that the song concludes with.

Disappear is available for download on their bandcamp site at:

Review by: Jason M. Miller