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20 July 2011

5 Band Submissons by Rob Turner.

As Rob Turner, When The Sun Hits' communications liason/magician, will tell you, the blog gets LOADS of band submissions to our email daily. We've been trying to think of the best way to go through the mountains of submissions and showcase the best bands we discover. Rob had the brilliant idea to do a weekly "5 Band Submissions" to handle all of this traffic, give the bands deserved exposure, and get new music out to everyone. We hope you enjoy it! This is a GREAT way for us and our readers to discover talented under the radar bands. Links are also provided below each submission, so that you can research further into the bands. Cheers all! Amber & Danny.


This has been something we at WTSH have been trying to figure out for awhile now: the best way to introduce bands that submit content to us and a way to showcase them. Until we get caught up on all of the material we have, it will be called "5 Bands Submissions". In the future, once we're caught up, we will do a "Top 5 Band submissions". : Rob Turner.


1) Quiet Lights - Twice Today.

2) Jane Woodman - Crashing.


3) On Volcano - Mission.


4) Seafrost - Oscillations.


5) Golden Gardens - Paresseux.


  1. Pure awesome! I love the concept, and I am falling in love with "Golden Gardens - Paresseux." It's somewhat reminiscent of the sound and style of Julee Cruise to some degree, and I loves me some Julee Cruise! :)

    5 bands that are completely new to me, all of them sounding great; and one that has already instantly hijacked me olde heartstrings. (Am I a pirate or Irish all of a sudden? Maybe an Irish pirate?) But seriously -- great concept!