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06 July 2011

Stream the new Horrors LP, Skying, for free! And then buy it with money.

Remember that first Horrors LP? Let's not talk about it. It was a bit crappish. (Oh, but remember when they guest starred on The Mighty Boosh? We can talk about that! That was awesome.) But their second one, Primary Colours, was bloody brilliant, and now they've released a third, Skying, which you can stream below - for free. Is it good? Hell yes it's good, so stream it for free, and then buy it with some good old fashioned coin.


  1. 1st LP was quite good actually. Garage rock with a bit of shoegaze and surf guitar.The Birthday Party comes to mind,which if your a Nick Cave fan is a great thing.I appreciate the output since, as they grow and mature in sound and style.

  2. To be honest, the first EP was the only one from them that I could listen to from start to finish. Primary Colours had a lot of filler too, but the standout tracks were indescribably good. This one has some genius tracks as well, but is mostly very weak. I'll pick it up and see if it grows on me, but I'm not as impressed as I have been with their other work.