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20 December 2017

TONIGHT! WTSH airs on DKFM. Stream live @ 10pm ET/9pm CT.


WTSH intends to gently blow your mind on DKFM
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10pm ET | 9pm CT | 7pm PT

Repeats 12 hours later!

13 December 2017

WTSH airs TONIGHT + premiere of the new Daysleepers single! Stream it @ 10pm ET.


Will be premiering a shiny new Daysleepers single (eee!), which you'll hear alongside tunes by Fever Blush, Airiel, Silver Liz, AIR FORMATION, Life on Venus, Iris, Portrayal + MORE!

Stream it live
10pm ET/9pm CT/7pm PT

06 December 2017

INTERVIEW: Flower Crown.

Photo by Chris Sexauer

Flower Crown is the Pittsburgh-based dream pop duo Richie Colosimo and Aaron Mook. The band released their stellar debut LP, GLOW, in October and we’ve had it in constant rotation ever since. GLOW’s lilting melodies, dreamy textures, and hypnotic guitar tones are gorgeously balanced and anchored by the duo’s firm grasp on how to write a great pop song. The album has been one of 2017’s surprise discoveries, pulling us back to it again and again. 

If you haven’t heard GLOW yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Don’t make your Best LPs of 2017 list without first hearing Flower Crown’s offering. You’ll no doubt discover it deserves a place with the elite.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Richie and Aaron in the interview below. Many thanks to them for taking the time to answer our questions.

How and when was the band formed?
A: Richie and I met at a Halloween show that his other band, Frame and Mantle, was playing in 2015. We started talking about writing songs together while I was selling merch for them on tour. The first demo he sent me was for “Tequila Mockingbird,” a bonus track on our EP, Hypnausea, and then we recorded the first Flower Crown song together (“John Cusack”) in his home venue/studio, Conjunction Junction.
R: RIP, Conjunction Junction.

Can you tell us what the band has been working on and what you've got forthcoming in the near future (any new releases, tour, etc.)?
A: Seeing as GLOW just came out last month, we've mostly been focusing on trying to do more press for that. But we've tossed around the idea of doing an EP of instrumental demos and B-sides. I keep everything we record and have a decent amount of alternate takes and unused instrumentals for GLOW, as well as friends who are interested in remixing the songs. 

R: As far as touring goes, live shows are kind of tough as we're a duo and have to teach our friends (members of Frame and Mantle and Wave Trails) the new songs. I'm not sure if we anticipated playing in support of GLOW, but we also didn't anticipate people being so gracious about the album, streaming it, buying tapes and CDs, etc. So we might be looking at a few 2018 shows with our labelmates, The You Suck Flying Circus.