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01 May 2020

NEW VIDEO: Velveteen | Change Your Mind.

UK-based fuzz lovers Velveteen premiered a brand-new single this week on When The Sun Hits’ radio show and, unsurprisingly, listeners loved it. The single, “Change Your Mind”, is a sunny, fuzz-laden piece of noise pop that’s provides a welcome distraction from the mad reality we’re living in these days. The band has also just released a hazy, kaleidoscopic video to accompany "Change Your Mind” which you can watch below. 

Drew of Velveteen tells us that the single is a one-off studio cut taken from sessions in Croydon, London that the band recorded late last year. In fact, the band has completed a full album’s worth of tracks and plans to release an LP sometime in 2020. We’re thrilled to hear that! Drew hinted that they might also release an EP at some point before the album release, but nothing is set in stone just yet (which is understandable, given the world’s present circumstances). 

As many of you know, Bandcamp is waiving their fees once again today in an effort to support artists and labels affected by the current covid-19 crisis. This means all proceeds from Bandcamp sales today will go directly to the artists (or labels), so you couldn’t choose a better time to pick up some new tunes. Bandcamp plans to waive fees again on June 5th and July 3rd, which is excellent news.

If you’re interested in supporting Velveteen today, you can pick up their most recent EP, Bluest Sunshine, here. Previous releases by the band are available here.

If you missed the premiere of "Change Your Mind" on DKFM this Wednesday night on WTSH, you can hear the single this weekend once WTSH hits Mixcloud.