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25 February 2019

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE: Star Tropics | The Other Side of Midnight.

Chicago-based five-piece Star Tropics has just dropped a gorgeous new single, the self-released “The Other Side of Midnight”, which you can stream below, as well as purchase and stream on major platforms such as Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and the like. The single was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Adam Stilson (who’s also a founding member of New Canyons). According to the band, the title of the song is a nod to the Tony Wilson TV show of the same name.

“The Other Side of Midnight” is the band’s first new offering since 2017’s impeccable debut LP, Lost World, and the song showcases a group at the top of their game. Their jangly brand of dream pop sparkles brighter than ever, weaving twinkling guitar work, nostalgic synths, and emotive boy/girl vocals into the perfect pop song tapestry. Echoes of the golden age of Sarah Records permeate the song, but the crystalline production and pitch perfect execution feel thoroughly modern and relevant. “The Other Side of Midnight” is what proper pop music should be – timeless, nostalgic, and youthful – and with an inherent, inexplicable magic running through it. We’re utterly enchanted.

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22 February 2019

NEW EP AND VIDEO: d.e.b.b.i.e. | Drug Friends.

Mississippi based project d.e.b.b.i.e.’s sophomore EP, Drug Friends, comes out today and is available via Bandcamp. The EP features lead single, “Ciao Neon”, which garnered plenty of well-deserved praise from listeners after Amber aired it on Wednesday night’s episode of WTSH on DKFM.

The EP is a banger from start to finish, perfectly blending shoegaze elements with darker flourishes of synthpop and post-punk. It’s available digitally and also on limited-edition cassette (the latter with the bonus inclusion of the band’s 2017 debut EP, Cousin Larry). There’s also a new video for “Ciao Neon”, which you can watch below!


New York based solo project DAODA has released a brand new single, “Swimming”, which is now available as a pay-what-you-want track via Bandcamp (you can also stream it on Spotify if that’s your preferred go-to for music consumption). The new song ventures a bit further into the realm of psychedelic pop than DAODA's previous offerings, and the chillwave vibe works nicely with the project’s sonic palette and approach to melody. Have a listen and keep an eye out for future offerings from DAODA!