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31 May 2013

Set List for WTSH on Strangeways Radio. Originally Aired May 29th, 2013.

band name. track title.
Chromatics. Back From the Grave.
The Cure. Funeral Party.
Ride. Decay.
Black Tambourine. Black Car.
The Mary Onettes. Dare.
A Flock of Seagulls. Space Age Love Song.
Wild Nothing. Oceans Repeating (Big Eyed Girl).
Purity Ring. Shuck.
Still Corners. Midnight Drive.
800beloved. Kiss Me Crooked.
Echo & the Bunnymen. Crystal Days.
Built to Spill. Time Trap.
The Stone Roses. I Wanna Be Adored.
Slowdive. Here She Comes.
Portishead. The Rip.

WTSH Classic Trax Archive: Teenage Filmstars. Apple.

30 May 2013

Bandcamp Track of the Day: Love Lake. Neon Lights.

Love Lake
Neon Lights

New LP Beachmaster available NOW 
via Bandcamp.

News: Daybehavior (feat. Julian Brandt) Releases New Single & Video - For a Thousand Years.

Daybehavior announces the release of new single “For a Thousand Years” - the song is a duet with longtime popster Julian Brandt. The single is now available for download in all major stores such as iTunesAmazon and Spotify

Old fashion CD’s available from the Daybehavior Store - ALL CD’s purchased from the Daybehavior Store are autographed by the band!

A video of “For a Thousand Years” is now up on YouTube as well.

29 May 2013

TONIGHT! WTSH on Strangeways Radio. 10pm EST/9pm CST.

TONIGHT! WTSH on Strangeways Radio - expect to hear new ones from Still Corners, Wild Nothing and CHROMATICS, classics from The Stone Roses, Ride, Black Tambourine and Slowdive, as well as a few surprises I snuck in there as birthday presents to myself (one of which may or may not involve A Flock of Seagulls...) 

Stream it live tonight
10pm EST/9pm CST 

Soundcloud Track: Jaguwar. Muffhead (Demo).

“Muffhead” is a demo track with a billowing, classic shoegaze sound from Jaguwar, a Dresden trio less than a year old who have already managed an EP and supporting slots for Japandroids, Tamaryn, and Megaphonic Thrift.

The poetry and humor evident in Jaguwar’s Facebook biography and description suggest a band truly on fire with shoegaze spirit:

JAGUWAR formed in summer 2012 under the starsigns of shoegaze and noisepop music. Three whatevers start philosophising about finding a soundshape which is blended by walls of guitars but even sparkled with sweet purple stars.

By losing all their money in buying tons of amps, effects, guitars and my bloody valentine vinyls, they left home to play every gig they could.

the shape of a fender Jaguar.
crystal delay/reverb sounds.
fuzzz wave attack.
feedback noise.
the beatles on a spacemen 3 show.

New Single (Freak) & Video (Blackhole) from Secret Colours. New LP Peach Released May 28.

Chicago psyche-drone quartet Secret Colours dropped their sophomore full-length Peach on May 28th in all major formats, including cassette. Esquire’s culture blog has voiced the expectation that this release will propel the band “to the front line of [the] burgeoning psych revival” while noting the prominence of the band’s 90's shoegaze influences on the new record.

Listen to the single 

Ogle the haute couture science-fictional psych-noir imagery of the video for 

Both tracks appear on Peach.

Set List for WTSH feat. Guest DJ Preston Maddox of Bloody Knives on Strangeways Radio. Aired May15, 2013.

band name. track title.
Screen Vinyl Image. Deathdream.
Siouxsie and the Banshees. Spellbound.
The Jesus and Mary Chain. The Living End.
Catherine Wheel. Crank.
My Bloody Valentine. Lose My Breath.
Pure X. Things in My Head.
SPC ECO. Push.
Me You Us Them .iQuit.
New Canyons. Ghost and Water.
Trust. Bulbform.
Crystal Castles. Wrath of God.
Portishead. Machine Gun.
Curve. Perish.
Cocteau Twins. Heaven or Las Vegas.

WTSH Classic Trax Archive: Seefeel. Plainsong.

26 May 2013

WTSH Classic Trax Archive: The Naked Souls. White Rabbit.

Bandcamp Track of the Day: Dead Gaze. Take Me Home or I Die Alone.

Dead Gaze
Take Me Home or I Die Alone

Cross-posted from This Is That Song blog: Never Go Away by Drowner.

Cross-posted from This is That Song blog
"Never Go Away" by Drowner.

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Never Go Away” by Drowner (2012, from the Drowner EP).

Drowner is a dream-pop/post-rock/shoegaze quartet from Houston. They’ve been around for only a couple of years, and they’re one of the emerging bands on the shoegaze and dream-pop label Saint Marie Records.

Although this song didn’t specifically come from the mailbag, my introduction to that Fort Worth, Texas-based label was because of a mailbag submission a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been loopy for that label and its amazing roster of bands.

It all started in about 2008, when guitarist Darren Emmanuel was trying out some new sounds in an effort to launch a side project from his other bands. He was in a dance-y electronic band called Swimming In, and a jazzy, trip-hoppy band called Apples To Earth. I’ve never heard either of those bands, and my description of them is based entirely on what I’ve read. Emmanuel wanted to do something that accentuated his growing fascination with the shoegaze revival of the late aughts, and that project eventually became Drowner. He brought in a full band, including his longtime friend Anna Bouchard on vocals…

Video: Teen. Circus (Live at Union Pool).

Note the major vintage synth action on this clip, including Korg, Moog, and Sequential Circuits classics.

“Circus” is included on Teen’s new EP, Carolina, out next week from CarparkRecords. Stereogum is premiering Carolina this week by way of an advance stream. Stereogum describes the EP as “five tracks of complex psych-influenced but wholly unique indie pop...Each track exists in its own hyper-detailed, hypnotic space.”

Teen have called their music “psychedelic gospel.” Their debut full-length, In Limbo, released last fall on Carpark, employed the assistance of Spaceman 3’s Peter Kember in mixing and production.

Three of this all-female Brooklyn quartet’s members are sisters: Kristina “Teeny” Lieberson on guitar, keys, and vocals; Lizzie Lieberson on keys and vocals; and Katherine Lieberson on drums and vocals. They are are joined by longtime friend Jane Herships on bass and vocals.

Also check out last summer’s grimly psychedelic and completely amazing video for “Electric.