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24 May 2013

Video: Winter. Bedroom Philosophies.

Winter is Samira Winter, Nolan Eley, Kyle Oppenheimer and Ana Karina DaCosta. The dream pop/shoegaze band started in Boston, MA with the initial collaboration between Samira Winter and Nolan Eley working on their first EP, Daydreaming, released last December.  

Video by Joseph Holcomb


  1. Jay Breitling of Clicky Clicky Music blog had the honor of premiering this video. Like Winter, Jay is Bostonian, and Clicky Clicky, which is one of my very favorite music blogs, concentrates significantly but by no means entirely on the Boston indie scene. Always good reading.

  2. very cool, thanks for sharing that. never heard of clicky clicky, so now i will go check it out!