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19 March 2018

EVENT SPOTLIGHT: DKFM & The Nothing Song Present DreamGaze ATX | Night Two.

DreamGaze ATX is nigh! The festival, proudly presented by DKFM Shoegaze Radio and The Nothing Song, hits Austin this weekend (Friday, March 23 and Saturday, March 24), just five days after the commercial extravaganza known as SXSW drags itself out of town. Don’t let the pedal board hit you on the way out, corporate sponsors! Now it’s our turn to get loud.

As we covered in last week’s primer, DreamGaze ATX will span two nights and present ten bands. We’ve discussed Night One’s phenomenal lineup already, so let’s discuss Night Two, shall we? Before we jump into the bands, here are the important event details you need to know:

DreamGaze ATX | Night Two
Date: Saturday, March 24
Time: Doors at 8pm | Bands start at 9pm
Venue: Cheer Up Charlie's, 900 Red River St. Austin, TX
Cost: $5 entry
Bands: Ringo Deathstarr, Blushing, Soda Lilies, Sinking, Processions + DKFM DJs

DreamGaze ATX Night Two

Austin-based trio Ringo Deathstarr is one of the genre's brightest stars and needs no introduction. You love them, we love them, people all over the globe love them – it’s impossible not to love them. It’s a Thing. They are the heartbeat of the shoegaze resurgence. Their most recent offering, Pure Mood, was one of the best albums of 2016, and the band's fifth LP is currently in the works. Best of all, as a live act, Ringo brings the epic noise. Prepare to be blown away.


Austin based 4-piece Blushing is an absolute powerhouse of talent and charm. Their debut EP, Tether, was one of 2015's seriously buzzworthy releases. A sophomore EP, Weak, just dropped in January and features the kind of next-level dream pop perfection that raises the bar for everyone in the genre. This is gold standard-level stuff, people. You can count on Blushing’s high-wattage sparkle to be shining bright on stage this Saturday.


Austin-based Soda Lilies, recently expanded to a 4-piece, has changed the game with their pop-oriented approach to seriously deep fuzz. 2016’s debut, Love Cemetery Tapes, offered an impressive set of skillfully crafted lo-fi anthems. Their newest, Sleep Reel, shows them continuing to hone their pop chops while maintaining the surrealism and dense noise we love them for. Now signed to Burger Records to release their forthcoming sophomore LP, Soda Lilies are ready for lift off.


Processions is a San Antonio-based 4-piece that debuted last summer with their strong EP, Blush. November 2017 saw the release of their sophomore EP, Slow Decay, which garnered even more attention for these up-and-comers. Since then, they’ve been playing shows left and right and burning up the DKFM charts with their catchy brand of hazy ‘gaze. Processions is just starting to make their mark in the genre and we expect great things from this quartet.


San Antonio-based Sinking is new on the scene after releasing debut EP, Lazy Love, last November. The EP’s 3 songs got DKFM’s attention and went into station rotation immediately, where they continue to chart and impress more listeners every day. Sinking is one of the freshest talents in shoegaze right now, making their appearance at DG ATX a true finger-on-the-pulse moment. Be there.

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16 March 2018

WTSH Exclusive VIDEO PREMIERE: No Honeymoon | We're Doing Fine.

No Honeymoon is a dream pop quartet out of Brooklyn, NY comprised of Cait Smith (guitar/vocals), Rob Scheuerman (guitar), Nate Patterson (bass) and Ryan Barnes (drums). The group has been crafting quality ‘gaze since 2015 with the release of their debut EP, I Wanna See Everything. On their most recent offering, last fall’s It’s Whatever EP, No Honeymoon sounds stronger than ever before.

While previous releases fell more on the lo-fi, fuzzy side of the spectrum, the six new songs on It’s Whatever feature a cleaner sound and more pop-oriented song structures that suit Cait’s vocal presence perfectly. The sonic backdrop is still reverb-laden and shimmery, but the instruments are tightly meshed and skillfully entwined. The group is in peak form.

WTSH is proud to premiere No Honeymoon’s new video for “We’re Doing Fine”, the first single from It’s Whatever. The track showcases the band’s signature vibrant sound and Cait’s emotive vocals. Her voice rings out clear and true over a fuzzy sonic backdrop that is both deliciously distorted and catchy as hell.

The video was shot in Brooklyn by George Ivanoff. Cait told us, “We recruited a bunch of friends and plied them with alcohol to get them to be silly with us on camera. It was as fun to make as it looks!" Brimming with youthful exuberance and soundtracked by a killer tune, the video is a perfect snapshot of No Honeymoon’s charming talent.

14 March 2018

EVENT SPOTLIGHT: DKFM and The Nothing Song present DreamGaze ATX | Night One.

DKFM Shoegaze Radio and The Nothing Song are proud to present DreamGaze ATX: two nights of the best in shoegaze and dream pop. DreamGaze ATX is DKFM’s first foray into the world of music festivals, and where better to celebrate the glories of reverb than Austin, the music capital of world?

The timing of the festival, one week after Austin’s gargantuan South by Southwest festival, was a strategic choice. SXSW has grown increasingly corporate and expensive in recent years, and that atmosphere is not what shoegaze and dream pop are about. DreamGaze ATX is a festival that everyone can afford ($5 entry) and where all are welcome. No corporate backing needed -- love and enthusiasm fuel this fire. Mercedes Benz and Bud Light are not invited.

DreamGaze ATX will span two nights and showcase ten bands that represent the best and brightest in shoegaze/dream pop. Today we’re highlighting the five incredible bands gracing the stage on Night One. Expect coverage of Night Two later this week. Before we jump into the bands, here are the important event details you need to know:

DreamGaze ATX | Night One
Date: Friday, March 23
Time: Doors at 8pm | Bands start at 9pm
Venue: Cheer Up Charlie's, 900 Red River Street, Austin TX
Cost: $5
Link to event:
Bands: Magnet School, Bloody Knives, Dethgaze, Lacing, Since Always + DKFM DJs

DreamGaze ATX: Night One

Magnet School is an Austin-based quartet that formed in 2005. They’ve released two exceptional LPs, The Art of Telling the Truth and Tonight We Drink…Tomorrow We Battle the Evil at Hand, and both are in permanent rotation on DKFM. Yes, permanent. They’re that good. Bring your dancing shoes for this headliner – you won’t be disappointed.


Austin-based trio Bloody Knives has been a DKFM and WTSH favorite since their debut LP, Burn It All Down, dropped in 2010. A string of top-notch albums and EPs followed, and now the band is set to release their fourth LP, White Light Black Moon, on April 5, 2018. Bloody Knives are known for their blistering, nihilistic noise and deafening live sets – this is a band you don’t want to miss.


Lacing is a Tennessee-based 4-piece specializing in slow, sludgy noise pop of the most epic variety. We love these guys (read our past interview with Lacing here). After releasing the gorgeous Honey Glow EP in 2016, Lacing dropped their long-awaited debut LP, Bummer, at the end of last year (easily one of the best albums of 2017). With Bloody Knives and Lacing playing back to back on Night One, we recommend that you bring earplugs for your own safety.


Since Always is a trio that hails from Houston, TX. Their shimmering guitar lines and emotional vocals make for an utterly captivating combination. After releasing the lovely Consequences EP in 2015, the group remained relatively quiet up until March 1, 2018, when they came charging out of the gate with a gorgeous new single entitled “We Still Know How to Dream”. They sound better than ever.


Dethgaze is a 4-piece based out of Brownsville, TX. The group has been on DKFM’s radar since 2016, when they began releasing a string of jaw-droppingly excellent singles that continue to pop up on DKFM’s weekly charts to this day.  Their most recent single, “H.R.", came out in January, proving once again that they are expert songcrafters. Expect to be impressed by their live set.