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09 January 2014

WTSH Top 10 Releases of 2013 Series: Wyatt Parkins of Saint Marie Records.


Wyatt Parkins is the owner and man behind the Texas-based label Saint Marie Records. SMR specializes in Shoegaze, Dreampop, Indiepop, Mellow-Fi, Electronica and beyond. The SMR roster features some of WTSH’s favorite acts, such as The Sunshine Factory, Sway, Elika, The Spiracles, Drowner, Presents For Sally, The High Violets, Panda Riot, Lightfoils, Bloody Knives, Resplandor and many more. Saint Marie Records and WTSH have been affiliated for years, sharing both a mutual respect for one another’s projects and a genuine friendship. WTSH loves SMR!

Wyatt also runs the blog FEED ME WITH YOUR KISS, which is dedicated to a passion for great music. The blog looks gorgeous and is content-rich; we highly recommend bookmarking it. 

As if those two pursuits weren’t enough, Wyatt - a true patron of the musical arts - also started Gas Pedal PR in 2013. Gas Pedal PR offers affordable music media promotion for web, print and radio marketing in the USA, Canada, UK and Europe for musicians and records labels.

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Wyatt Parkins 
Top 10 Releases of 2013

Locust – You’ll Be Safe Forever
Placebo – Loud Like Love
Skinny Puppy – Weapon
Wax Idols – Discipline + Desire
Gliss – Langsom Dans
The Polyphonic Spree – Yes, It’s True
Black Hearted Brother – Stars Are Our Home
Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks
oOoOO – Without Your Love
SPC ECO – Sirens and Satellites

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