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19 September 2017

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE: Tangible Rays | Eurydice.

Tangible Rays is the solo project of Ohio-based Rob Fiorenzo. We’re big fans of Rob’s lo-fi shoegaze aesthetic and psych-tinged pop sensibilities (I named sophomore LP Séance one of my top 5 albums of 2017 thus far on a collective list published by DKFM), so naturally we were excited (understatement) to hear a new single was on the horizon. Rob mentioned in passing a few weeks ago that he was interested in exploring new aural territory, and we were anxious to discover how that desire played out. Enter new single, “Eurydice”, released yesterday via Bandcamp.

Stylistically, “Eurydice” is something of a departure for TR – or at least, it feels that way upon first listen. Instead of being greeted with a dense swath of lo-fi fuzz, it opens with a simple synth melody that almost feels quirky, mostly because of how unexpected it is. Straight out of the gate, TR brings us to a new place.

The song begins with a fairly sparse arrangement of Microkorg and vox, displaying a new restraint with regard to the sonic palette. Gone is the familiar guitar squall, replaced by graceful golden tones and a laidback lo-fi beat that underscores Rob’s deftness for pop constructions. Once the wholly unexpected (and totally perfect) guitar drop happens at around the 40 second mark, I stop trying to figure out what’s happening and just let it happen. A precise and gilded pop gem reveals itself. It ends too soon, so I start it over. I do this about 20 more times, consecutively.

If this marks the new direction of the project’s sound, we’re intrigued. The new application of TR’s signature warmth of tone and attention to melody is refreshing. This stylistic progression feels right and makes sense; we can’t wait to hear what comes next. -- Amber