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24 July 2010

Album Review: Highspire. Aquatic.

Artist: Highspire.
Album title: Aquatic.
Record Label: Reverse Reverb.
Release Date
: March 2010

Light swirls around you, dizzying and fuzzy as J's heaven. Slowly diving inside and pulling at the inexplicable from within. A trip to the deepest regions of the soul and back again. Aurally stunning, watery and deep. Aqua Blue, and ever so loveless. A Cerulean beauty of the kind rarely ever experienced. Spinning, floating in Cocteau dreams and vaporous trails. Shot through with a taste of Honey. A Cherry coloured French kiss. It is royal deliciousness. You can hardly wake yourself from such a womb-like dream. They are as addictive as opium, and as lovely as the Aurora Borealis. A gossamer beauty that will forever change your inner and outer worlds. Ej Hagen & Alexander White have created another Dream Pop/Shoegaze masterpiece that both nods to the past,and looks dreamily into the eyes of the future. It has been well worth the long wait.

After stunning the dream pop world with album one, Your Everything, (released on Clairerecords in 2003), they have managed to surpass it's beauty and live up to the promise of that landmark album with Aquatic (released on their own label ReverseReverb in 2010). I honestly did not anticipate such a gorgeous slab of wax, but I must say I was left with mouth agape, stunned and grasping for words to describe its beauty. Both albums are simply divine masterpieces and are must haves for any fan of the shoegaze/dream pop genre. Do yourself a huge favor, buy this record right now! Be forewarned, it is life altering stuff.

5 out of 5 stars.
Review by Danny.


  1. great poetic review, danny! i love all the gaze references in it...

  2. i've been listening to "your everything" TONS lately, too. what a great band.

  3. "Your Everything" is a genius record as well.Did you know that they are also in The Morning After Girls?