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27 July 2010

Top Five Shoegaze Records of the Week.

one of the cool things we'll be doing on when the sun hits is a weekly posting of our 5 most-listened-to shoegaze/dream pop albums - classic or new, whatever we happen to have been spinning obsessively each week. not only are we nerdy list-makers, but it's a good way to get weekly exposure to new and old shoegaze bands. clicking on the links will take to you to a wealth of info about the bands and their labels, the sites to buy and hear the music, and more! so without further ado...

*danny's top five shoegaze/dream pop albums this week*

1. highspire. aquatic. released by reverse reverb. (2010)

2. adorable. against perfection. released by creation records. (1993)

3. the emerald down. scream the sound. released by pop sound records. (2001)

4. ceremony. rocket fire. released by killer pimp records. (2010)

5. the bell tower. in hollow EP. released by ultimate recording company records. (1991)

*amber's top five shoegaze/dream pop albums this week*

1. walls. self-titled. released by kompakt. (2010)

2. dean wareham and britta phillips. l'avventura. released by jetset records. (2003)

3. a sunny day in glasgow. ashes grammar. released by mis ojos discos. (2009)

4. whirl. distressor EP. self-released. (2010)

5. the rain parade. emergency third rail power trip. released by enigma records. (1983)


  1. your picks are awesome, d, as always!

  2. I am very happy to have found this blog. The mystique of shoegaze, as well as the music, is alive and well, and not merely a curiosity for a bygone halcyon era (the early 90's). EG's interview was fascinating, and offers major insight into the tribulations and issues that confront new bands. I hope the blog keeps going!

  3. wow, thank you so much! we are glad to have you here. contribute comments and words of wisdom to your heart's content. if there's one thing we love, it's a good musical discussion. take care!