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14 October 2011

Call for Submissions for Our Second Compilation, 200,000 Gazes. Deadline is November 10.

When The Sun Hits is now closing in on 200,000 blog views! If you were around for the first 100,000, you know that we had a big celebration with fun events and posts, as well as created an exclusive compilation of donated tracks, which had a VERY large circulation. We are now taking submissions for our second compilation, 200,000 Gazes. The official release date will be November 19, 2011, and the official release party for the comp will be held in Chicago on that day at the XD Records Festival (where you can snag a special edition hard copy!) - more info on THAT later! We'll be releasing 200,000 Gazes (and re-releasing The First 100,000 Compilation) via bandcamp.

Read on to find out how to submit a track for consideration!

WE HAVE RULES! Please follow them so that we don't weep into our shoes.


- If you are in a shoegaze and/or dream pop oriented band (even if you consider yourself on the fringe), then you can submit. You do not need to be on a label. You do not need to have an album out. If you are gazing and recording it, you can submit. Even if it's a solo effort. Even if this is your FIRST effort. You have a chance at this!

- Submit your track to You MUST put "200,000 Compilation Submission" in the title of the email, or be forever lost in the insanity that is our email.

- You can submit ONE track, in mp3 format only. Don't flood our email with multiple submissions, please! Rob Turner, our communications director, is already crazy busy. Please don't make him lose his mind and quit on us. WE NEED HIM!

-Don't waste our time submitting a track with poor sound quality. Seriously. If you are recording music, you know the difference between good and bad audio quality. Use these skills. GOOD QUALITY AUDIO ONLY PLEASE.

- In the body of the email, you need to put 4 things: a) Your/your band's name. b) The track title. c) links to anything promotional (bandcamp, a fb page, WHATEVER), if you have it. You don't have to if you have none. d) (optional) tell us about you/your band.

Have any questions? Email with a title of "ATTN AMBER: compilation questions" and I will answer them. Don't message me, Danny, Rob, or WTSH via FB about this.

Pretty easy, right?! We are so stoked to hear what you guys have! The 200,000 Gazes Compilation will be even larger (it may even be a double album) and more widely circulated than the first, so get onboard! Feel free to share this note with anyone you know. Ready, set, GO!!