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20 November 2011

200,000 Gazes Compilation Update - Release Date Postponed Until December 10th, 2011.

When The Sun Hits is now closing in on 200,000 blog views! If you were around for the first 100,000, you know that we had a big celebration with fun events and posts, as well as created an exclusive compilation of donated tracks, which had a VERY large circulation.

For the past 2 months, we have been taking submissions from bands for the release of our next compilation, 200,000 Gazes. The deadline for submissions was November 10th.

The compilation was meant to be released on November 19th, celebrating it's release with a party during the XD Festival in Chicago that night. Due to Amber not being able to get a flight out to Chicago that weekend, our release party, and the release of the compilation itself, had to be postponed until DECEMBER 10th, 2011. Danny was at the XD Festival however, and he was When The Sun Hits representin' for all of us!

We cannot take any more submissions, so please don't ask. We apologize, but we have already received close to 200 submissions (whoa!), so we want to be fair. The upside to postponing the release of 200,00 Gazes is now we can do what we had originally wanted to do - release 200,000 Gazes: Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. That's right, TWO full albums of some of the best shoegaze and dream pop being made on the planet, hands down. Both volumes will be released on Tuesday, December 10th, 2011 as free downloads on bandcamp. We will also be re-issuing our previous compilation, The First 100,000, on bandcamp on that same day. We have some surprises in store, so stay tuned!!


Have any questions? Email with a title of "ATTN AMBER: compilation questions" and I will answer them. Don't message me, Danny, Rob, or WTSH via FB about this.

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  1. My friend is in a band named Permute, and says he submitted a song. Will it appear on the compo?