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04 March 2016

Saint Marie Records to reissue another round of classic shoegaze albums - help them do it via Pledge Music.

Fact: there are many great shoegaze records out there that are either out of print or have never been released on vinyl. Saint Marie Records is on a mission to change that, but they can’t do it without you. Through the Shoegaze Re-Issues project SMR has already reissued several great classics, including Blind Mr. Jones’ Tatooine and Sway’s The Milla Pink and Green. The project continues with the intent to re-issue classic shoegaze albums by The Emerald Down, February and Orange – and via Pledge Music, you can help make that happen. Go here for more information on how to do just that.

Just FYI, once 75% of the goal is reached, SMR will start the manufacturing process. 5% of the money earned after the goal is reached will be donated to the charity Mercy For Animals.