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12 March 2016

WTSH Bandcamp Track of the Day: vale || horse.

If you like your shoegaze dark and heavy, this is for you. Vale sound like they crawled up from the bowels of the earth to rock your face off. Replete with unnerving beats and brutal loops, this is not shoegaze-by-numbers. If forced to define it, we'd call it industrial shoegaze - but who needs definitions? It's completely awesome and incredibly refreshing to hear new shoegaze that is off the beaten path. Vale's debut LP, distortion hymns, was released in February, and you can stream it (and buy it. BUY IT!) in its entirety on Bandcamp

The mastermind behind the project is none other than Scott Cortez, also of Astrobrite and Loveliescrushing. Scott always brings the noise, and this time he's truly outdone himself.