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17 August 2016

New Video: Globelamp || The Negative.

Photo by Angela Izzo/@IzzoImages

Globelamp is the project moniker for Olympia, Washington’s Elizabeth le Fey. Her music isn’t shoegaze or dream pop; it might best be described as psychedelic folk. It is very dreamy—dreamlike, actually—and quite psychedelic, and we think there will be those among our readers who really appreciate it. “The Negative” is a track from the project’s most recent full-length, The Orange Glow, and the strangeness, both delightful and unsettling, that pervades the whole album is fully unleashed into the visual dimension by the new video for the track.

The Orange Glow is available in multiple formats from Witchita Recordings. You can find more Globelamp on Bandcamp.

Video Directed by Ivan Velazquez.