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10 August 2011

Weekly Themed Videos brought to you by The Shoegaze Collective.

The Shoegaze Collective is essentially a Facebook community devoted to, you guessed it: shoegaze and dream pop music. But it's a lot more than that: we post videos, we promote bands, it's a great resource for new and undiscovered music, and we go far beyond the general limits of what is considered to be shoegaze and dream pop in our discussions about music - it's a very interesting place to interact. The entire gazey operation is run by Mr. Paul Lopez, an all around awesome dude, AND a member of Spell 336 (who's gorgeous track "Silence" was on The First 100,000 Compilation).

After geeking out together for many moons, it was decided amongst the members of The Shoegaze Collective that we would have a "themed" Friday, during which Paul picks a random theme and the rest of us spend all day Friday trying to find shoegaze related or hilarious (and everything in between) videos to post on the Collective's wall. (Yes, we know we are nerds, okay? WE KNOW.) Madness, sleuthing, "hey I was gonna post that!", giggling, and other geeky/awesome things ensue.

It will now be a weekly feature on When The Sun Hits to post Paul's top picks and who posted them from themed Fridays, because it's fun, and we're all about music and fun around these parts. The Shoegaze Collective is a private group on Facebook, but simply contact Paul Lopez and tell him WTSH sent you, and you'll be added to the group. See last week's post, our first feature on this, for more explanation and information!

Proceed with caution:
If it's not already stating the obvious, we mostly do this just to laugh ourselves silly, which is a helpful hint when perusing these lists. Although Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings" is a legit gazer anthem, that's true enough, if you are trolling this feature for new shoegaze bands to listen to, there is maybe a 15% chance that will happen. That other 85% falls in the "we oughta be ashamed of ourselves" category...

And now for this week's theme:

Breeze – Cranes: Scarylady Sarah

Whistle Down The Wind - Nick Heyward: Rob Turner

Call Me The Breeze - Lynryd Skynyrd: Anna Bouchard

Tsunami - Skywave: Amber Crain

Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler: Kim Welsh

Gypsy Wind - Dan Folgerberg: Erin Grooms

Santa Anna Winds -The Wedding Present: Perry Pelonero

Dust In The Wind - Kansas: Al Schenkel

She's Like The Wind - Patrick Swayze: Paul Lopez

Wind Of Change - The Bee Gees: Robert Alistair