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08 January 2012

200,000 Gazes Comp: Refunds and Release Dates.

Greetings, gazelings! Several topics to cover here, so let's get to it.

Regarding the temporary bandcamp glitch, during which 200,000 Gazes: Volume One appeared on bandcamp as $5.00 to purchase: All refunds should now be completed. This error should not happen again, as I just dropped some good old USD to bandcamp so that they'd stop effing with our attempts to gaze. So, all is well! If your refund doesn't appear in your paypal account by Wednesday, contact me at:

Regarding the re-release of The First 100,ooo (WTSH's first compilation), it will be available to download on bandcamp,FOR FREE (seriously, for reals, FREE) tomorrow (January 9th) - for absolute certain!

Regarding the release of 200,000 Gazes, Volume Two, it will be released via bandcamp as a free download this Wednesday, January 11th. Fo' sho'. Special edition posters of the compilation cover art will become available shortly thereafter.

We apologize for the delays. It sucks for us too, since working on the blog ranks much higher on the "what we want to do rather than our silly dayjob" scale and all. Alas, we are real people with full time jobs. I know. We think it's lame, too! Luckily, with the expansion of our staff (we still have 3-4 new staff members to announce! You'll read about this in the coming week), it should be smooth sailing (smooth gazing?) from here on out. We hope you are ready for WTSH 2012- because things are about to get rad around here. Thanks so much, everyone!