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01 January 2012

200,000 Gazes Compilation: Volume One. Now Available for Download on Bandcamp.

200,000 Gazes: Volume One is now ready for download on bandcamp. For FREE, naturally. We hope you enjoy it - it was certainly fun to put it together and we are very proud of it. 200,000 Gazes: Volume Two will follow shortly after, as well as the re-release of The First 100,000, our very first compilation that was originally released in May. It has a swanky new bandcamp home. Happy New Year! Follow the link below to download Volume One. The track listing is also below. Prepare to swoon.

Click here to download 200,000 Gazes: Volume One.

And now, for a bit of story time. For those unfamiliar, The First 100,000 and 200,000 Gazes are compilations that celebrate the number of blog views When The Sun Hits has received since it was begun in July 2010. We were shocked that we ever reached 100,000- that's a hell of a lot of people looking at our blog! We remember (vaguely) when When The Sun Hits was but a mere twinkle in Danny Lackey and Amber Crain's eyes. Now it's 1.5 years old (that might as well be a bazillion in blog years) and has been gazed at nearly 200,000 times. TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES. We can hardly believe it. When The Sun Hits now has an international following, a radio show on Strangeways radio, merchandise, compilation releases, and a staff of about 10 starry eyed shoegazers. We are beside ourselves with excitement about this unexpected turn of events, and we are beyond grateful to all of our readers. Keep gazing, everyone. We know we will.

Limited Edition Posters of Volume One and Volume Two Cover Art will soon be available. These will be an extremely limited run of 10 each. More on that later!

200,000 Gazes: Volume One

1. [aftersun]. Don't Touch.
2. Dead Leaf Echo. Woolgathering (Mark Van Hoen Remix).
3. Brief Candles. Permafrost.
4. Screen Vinyl Image. Station 4.
5. Bloody Knives. Undecided.
6. Was She A Vampire. Delusions.
7. Highspire. Believe.
8. Sansyou. Black Nerve Administrator.
9. Scott Cortez. You Have Burned Bright.
10. 2060 Chiron. Liftoff.
11. Deepfieldview (feat. Charlie Nieland of Her Vanished Grace). 21 Grams.
12. Dead Parties. Take Control.
13. The Sunshine Factory. Can't Be Found (Falling Down).
14. Between The Cities Are Stars. Miss West.
15. Presents for Sally. Say Something.
16. Elika. We Have Failed.
17. Drowner. Chime.
18. The Consolation Project. King of Darkness.
19. Deep Cut. Decision Time (Electric Loop Orchestra Remix).
20. Hel Vetica. In Bed.


  1. Not free anymore!

  2. I hoped there would be some exclusive tracks. Now I wonder what did take you so long :). I may be wrong but at least all the bands that I know contributed with material already available on their respective CD's, bandcamp pages :(.

  3. I can't find a way to download this album for free? Am I missing something? :(

  4. @ Anon #2: "Deepfieldview - 21 Grams", at least, seems to be exclusive material. It's quite nice, too.

    I'm not going to pretend I'm happy that it costs $5 instead of being free, but the music is good...

  5. "200,000 Gazes: Volume One is now ready for download on bandcamp. For FREE, naturally. We hope you enjoy it - it was certainly fun to put it together and we are very proud of it."


  6. The Deep Cut track is an exclusive.

  7. Thank You! Favorite tracks: (1) Drowner - Chime and (2) Aftersun - Don't Touch (3) Sunshine Factory - Can't Be Found (Falling Down). Thank you to ALL the artists for your generous conribution, you rock our world.


  8. this is supposed to be free and i have NO idea what happened. changing it back now. if you paid, i will refund you. that is SO weird. i'm terribly sorry.

  9. deep cut is exclusive, the bloody knives track is unreleased (on their next album), 2060 chiron hasnt even released an album yet, the SVI is a few days old, deepfieldview is exclusive. the scott cortex is unreleased and brand new. so is Hel Vetica. and etc!

    apparently the $5 to pay is imposed by bandcamp, as i just checked into it. once you have like 300 downloads, they start charging you? it's weird. i'm sorry.

  10. ok, so i'm paying bandcamp so that it can be downloaded for free again. apparently they only allot you 300 free, and then you gotta pay for your account. so i am doing that now. it will be free again in just a few.

    if you did pay, i will refund you. i'll contact you, and i'm sorry. it was a bandcamp oversight that i just wasn't aware of.

  11. Now it's working, and it's all FREE again :))
    No need to refund me, I didn't payed anything.
    Thank you very much and keep on gezeing in 2012. and beyond...cheers.