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03 January 2012

IMPORTANT 200,000 Gazes: Volume One Information.

Ok everyone, a few things. Bandcamp only allows 300 free downloads before they force charging. I wasn't aware of this, so that's why the comp was suddenly $5. I paid off bandcamp, so now it is free again. IF you paid, you will receive a refund. Sorry dudes, just wasn't aware of that bandcamp rule. I'll get that refund to you shortly. Contact me via if you are uber concerned about it. Put in the subject heading "ATTN: AMBER, gimme my refund, and start reading the fine print on shit!" This will get my attention. I guess the cool thing is that tons of people wanted to download it, which is rad!

Secondly, I've highlighted the exclusive tracks on the comp below. Sorry I didn't do it before. I guess I just figured it didn't matter - cool is cool, why beat the dead cool horse? The comp rocks! But okay, the exclusivity is now included. :)

200,000 Gazes: Volume One

1. [aftersun]. Don't Touch.
2. Dead Leaf Echo. Woolgathering (Mark Van Hoen Remix).
3. Brief Candles. Permafrost.
4. Screen Vinyl Image. Station 4. (this is BRAND new - a week old)
5. Bloody Knives. Undecided. (this is an exclusive unreleased track, it will be on their next LP)
6. Was She A Vampire. Delusions.
7. Highspire. Believe.
8. Sansyou. Black Nerve Administrator.
9. Scott Cortez. You Have Burned Bright. (exclusive)
10. 2060 Chiron. Liftoff. (this band hasn't released an album yet. so - exclusive)
11. Deepfieldview (feat. Charlie Nieland of Her Vanished Grace). 21 Grams. (exclusive)
12. Dead Parties. Take Control. (this is a new mix of this song)
13. The Sunshine Factory. Can't Be Found (Falling Down).
14. Between The Cities Are Stars. Miss West.
15. Presents for Sally. Say Something. (this is brand new & unreleased)
16. Elika. We Have Failed.
17. Drowner. Chime.
18. The Consolation Project. King of Darkness.
19. Deep Cut. Decision Time (Electric Loop Orchestra Remix). (exclusive)
20. Hel Vetica. In Bed. (exclusive and unreleased)