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05 April 2012

Set List for When The Sun Hits on Strangeways Radio, Aired April 4th, 2012.

artist name/track title
Funeral Home. Phoenix (Outro).
Shoreline Is. Parts Per Million.
Mackintosh Braun. Waking Up.
Hypermagic. Beached.
Insect Guide. David Hero (Sonic Boom remix).
I Have No Mouth and I Can't Scream. Classic Rock Song.
Half String. Hue.
Sweet Garden. Altered State.
Saskatchewon. Skinny Dipping.
The Underground Youth. Mercury Guitar.
93millionmilesfromthesun. Close My Eyes.
Brideburger. Kaleidoscope #1.
Brideburger. Kaleidoscope #2.